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Trail Times Archive: September 2008

  • Travel represented at RNC

    Among the groups hosting events parties and receptions this week is the Travel Industry Association, which just four years ago didn’t have any presence at the political conventions. Published September 3 2008

  • Jim Gilmore gets to work

    The former Virginia governor and current U.S. Senate candidate has had a schedule packed with interviews and meetings with donors, hoping to build momentum for his race against fellow former state Gov. Mark Warner. Published September 3 2008

  • Steele lauds McCain at convention

    Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele delivered a patriotic treatise at the RNC that doubled as an attack on Sen. Barack Obama's message of change. Published September 3 2008

  • Romney's speech aimed at 2012

    Romney makes the most naked appeal for the base. Published September 3 2008

  • Tonight's speech lineup

    Minority outreach, the three also-rans, and then Sarah Barricuda will take the stage. Published September 3 2008

  • Babe and 'baby'

    The controversy swirling around CNN's Campbell Brown's on-air "takedown" this week of John McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds centers on the interviewer's relentless pursuit of answers surrounding Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience. Published September 3 2008

  • Steele to address convention tonight

    Former Maryland Lt. Gov. and current GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele is back on the schedule of tonight's speakers at the Republican National Convention.< Published September 3 2008

  • Palinpalooza

    It's all about McCain's vice-presidential pick today. Published September 3 2008

  • Ala. delegates don't mind floor seats

    Alaskan delegates to the Republican National Convention couldn't care less that despite having one of the top names on their party's presidential ticket, they've been relegated to the cheap seats on the convention center floor. Published September 3 2008

  • Gentle Joe takes the wood to Obama

    Sen. Joseph Lieberman says eloquence is not enough. Published September 2 2008

  • An important moment for the McCain campaign

    Thompson tells POW story. Published September 2 2008

  • Bush gives crowd some red meat

    The crowd roared and stood to applaud. But then, Mr. Bush abruptly cut them off. He apparently couldn't hear them. Published September 2 2008

  • McCain intro begins

    First night themes are McCain's military service and political independence. Published September 2 2008

  • Drake off convention docket

    The forced rescheduling of speakers at the Republican National Convention has left at least one Virginian permanently off the event's speaking schedule. Published September 2 2008

  • Obama starts McCain-Bush 'Same' ad

    Attack spot links Republican to unpopular president in honor of RNC. Published September 2 2008

  • Barack Obama gets a haircut

    During a down day in Chicago, Obama takes care of business. Published September 2 2008

  • Giuliani will speak

    Contrary to reports, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will have a speaking role here at the convention, just not tonight. Published September 2 2008

  • Tying Obama to congressional Democrats

    Democrats have been successful in tying John McCain to President Bush. Now Republicans think they can bring Barack Obama down by tying him to unpopular Democrats in Congress. Published September 2 2008

  • How to keep the young from voting

    Give them iTunes and Starbucks cards Published September 2 2008

  • Both parties bring the Rage

    Don't accuse Rage Against the Machine of showing preferential treatment. Published September 1 2008