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Trail Times Archive: September 2008

  • The 2008 RNC Awards

    Just a short time spent at an anti-war rally here at the Republican National Convention yielded quite a few sights and sounds. Published September 1 2008

  • Barack Obama's day: three states, a hurricane and a baby

    From the Obama trail: What a day! Published September 1 2008

  • McDonnell's future set with veepstakes over

    Bob McDonnell appeared a bit relieved Sunday that the speculation surrounding Barack Obama's search for a running mate is over. Published September 1 2008

  • A 'Wii' bit of fun

    Virginia's delegation to the Republican National Convention stayed on schedule Sunday night and managed to have a little fun, despite news that convention activities had been scaled back due to Hurricane Gustav. Published September 1 2008

  • Change in tone

    Many of the political events and fundraisers scheduled for this week have been scrapped or changed into fundraisers to benefit the Gulf Coast. Published September 1 2008