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Water Cooler Archive: August 2009

  • Nevada paper rebukes Sen. Reid

    The publisher of the Las Vegas Review Journal Sherman Frederick sent a sharp message to the senior Democratic senator from Nevada Harry Reid yesterday. Published August 31 2009

  • Video: Tucson town hall pro-Obama care attendee gets violent

    During a health care Tea Party town hall in Tucson, Arizona yesterday, a proponent of Obama's health care plan arrived with a sign promoting his stance.  When another attendee stood up to tell the sign holding Obama care supporter something, the pro-healthcare reform protester elbowed the other attendee in the face. Published August 30 2009

  • Video: Town hall attendee tells off Rep. Weiner

    In this video, a town hall attendee ripped into Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), on August 27th,  over health care among other issues. Published August 30 2009

  • Audio - Kennedy biographer Klein: Kennedy and Obama were not that close

    Kennedy biographer Ed Klein joined WOR radio's Steve Malzberg on Wednesday, and revealed President Obama's relationship with the late Senator Ted Kennedy was not as close as has been depicted in the media. Published August 29 2009

  • Audio Flashback: Eric Holder advocated for internet censorship

    It is important to look back at some statements President Obama's top enforcer in his administration made back in the days of the Clinton administration.  Attorney General Eric Holder was known as Deputy Attorney General Holder in April of 1999, when the Columbine High School massacre shocked the country Published August 29 2009

  • Sex offender Garrido sentenced to fifty served eleven

    What does fifty years mean to the public, when a dangerous criminal is released in only nine years?  Those who argue against the death penalty very often say life in prison or long sentences should suffice for horrible crimes. Published August 28 2009

  • Father Pfleger erupts in Arkansas: Terrorism began with the pilgrims

    The Rev. Michael Pfleger, the white pastor from Chicago's predominantly black Saint Sabina Catholic Church, made some incendiary statements at Philander Smith College's opening convocation on Thursday, reported the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.   Published August 28 2009

  • Art for Obama's sake - The NEA pushes the White House agenda

    Once again looking to duplicate the 2008 campaign, the Obama administration is bringing in creative types who were key in helping President Obama win in November. Published August 27 2009

  • Audio - Right and left call Obama agenda fascist

    Top rated conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh called the Obama agenda today fascist.  During a conversation with a caller who was critical of the Obama administration's stance on health care, Mr. Limbaugh responded to the caller's charge that the country will be "worse off under Obama and socialism."  Huffington Post writer and BBC reporter Greg Palast and previously made the same assertion on a radio show last week. Published August 27 2009

  • Video: Conservative activists take on tea party attackers

    Congress will be back in session soon, and town hall meetings are beginning to wrap up.  Conservatives are not done with their representatives yet. Published August 27 2009

  • Video: LaRouche Pac arrives at Moran town hall

    The Washington Times spoke with LaRouche Pac members at Congressman Jim Moran's (D- Va.) town hall in Reston last night.  Refusing to speak with the me at first, a LaRouche Pac member fled.  However, I caught up with the rest of the group to continue the chat about their affiliation. Published August 26 2009

  • Video: Outgoing leader of Greenpeace makes startling global warming admission

    Gerd Leipold, the outgoing leader of Greenpeace, admitted that his organization's recent claim that the Arctic Ice will disappear by 2030 was "a mistake."  Published August 26 2009

  • Video: Pro-Life protesters disrupt Moran town hall meeting

    Congressman Jim Moran's (D-Va.) Reston town hall meeting fell apart at one point last night when Operation Rescue's Randall Terry disrupted the meeting along with others. He was immediately ejected by security. Published August 26 2009

  • Audio: Yes! Obama's suburban astroturfing-inside an OFA meeting

    Obama supporters gathered in Fairfax, Virgnia last night and met with an Organizing For America (OFA) representative at a local library to talk shop and brainstorm about how to help President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats pass health care reform.  If there is any doubt the Obama administration is not in campaign mode, the OFA listening tour puts that notion to rest.   Published August 25 2009

  • Audio flashback : CIA probe was always part of the Obama agenda

    It is amusing to see media outlets display shock over the Obama Justice Department's announcement regarding an appointment of a prosecutor to probe CIA interrogation tactics.  Back in 2008, I blogged at Newsbusters that Mr. Obama told a radio interviewer in 2007 that his Attorney General would investigate Bush executive orders. Published August 25 2009

  • Jacoby calls for Kennedy's resignation

    Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby called on the ailing Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) to resign from his postion as the senior senator from Massachusetts. Published August 24 2009

  • Video: Specter warms up to reconciliation

    Senator Arlen Specter's positions continue to dog the the now Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania, as he bobs and weaves his way through some of his past stances prior his party switch.  Published August 23 2009

  • Obama-Joker image involved in infringement issue

    The once mysterious artist who created the now famous Joker/Obama poster is wondering who filed a notice of infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request to Flickr, reported the LA Times. Published August 21 2009

  • MSNBC's editing of the truth

    MSNBC's Contessa Brewer thought she was commenting on a controversy involving a town hall protester in Arizona who brought a fire arm with him to a rally outside a town hall meeting, while the President spoke to an audience inside to attendees. Published August 21 2009

  • Video: Toomey campaign shows Specter 1994 v. Specter 2009

    Senator Arlen Specter's (D-PA) town hall video featuring attendees raising their voices at him over the democratic health care reform agenda which showed the Senator from Pennsylvania's full 180 on the the health care issue since he spoke out against "Hillary-Care" in 1994 when he was a member of the Republican party.  Published August 20 2009