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Water Cooler Archive: November 2009

  • VIDEO Exclusive: Scozzafava's husband talks unions and wife's endorsement

    The Washington Times Water Cooler spoke with Ron McDougall, husband of former New York GOP 23rd District candidate Dede Scozzafava. Mr. McDougal answered questions about his wife's endorsement of Democrat Bill Owens. Published November 2 2009

  • Video: Biden takes shots at Palin and Limbaugh

    Vice President Joe Biden addressed supporters at a rally for Bill Owens, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 23rd District. The vice president attacked supporters of Conservative candidate for New York's 23rd District Doug Hoffman. In the following clips, he takes shots at Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. Transcript to come. Published November 2 2009

  • Off the beaten path online: AP pre-spin - These elections mean nothing and the GOP is doomed

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: The AP downplays any importance to GOP wins tomorrow, the drama of New York's 23rd district race continues, and a Washington Post editor punches a reporter. Published November 2 2009

  • Hoffman spokesman concerned about ACORN funny business in NY-23 race

    In a conference call with reporters and bloggers, Doug Hoffman campaign spokesman Rob Ryan addressed his concern about the possibility of ACORN interfering in New York's 23rd district. Published November 1 2009

  • NY State Young Republicans attack Scozzafava, endorse Hoffman

    The New York State Young Republicans went after New York's 23rd District's former GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava in their endorsement for Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman. Published November 1 2009

  • Former Scozzafava campaign manager endorses Hoffman

    Since his former candidate, Republican Dede Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat in New York's 23rd district race, Mr. Burns is now fully endorsing Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman. Mr. Burns is a Republican consultant who worked at the 2008 Republican National Convention last year. Published November 1 2009

  • New York upstate race more about labor politics

    Dede Scozzafava officially endorsed Bill Owens the Democratic candidate for the 23rd District of New York.  Her endorsement comes after reports of her husband Ron McDougall's public endorsement for Mr. Owens earlier today. Published November 1 2009

  • Was Watertown Daily Times endorsement about Dede's supporters just a big labor flip?

    The Watertown Daily Times reported this morning in their endorsement of Democrat Bill Owens for New York's 23rd District seat that Ms. Scozzafava was "quietly" urging supporters to the Owens campaign.  The endorsement, however, could beself-serving in that it did not mention what kind of supporters are being sent over to the Owens campaign. Published November 1 2009

  • NY report says Scozzafava sends supporters to Owens, former spokesman distances himself

    Republican New York Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava's bow out of New York's 23rd District special election race may not have have been executed so graciously after all.  Published November 1 2009

  • Scozzafava out, Owens and Hoffman race to get out the vote

    New York Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava halted her campaign in the state's 23rd district on Saturday morning after announcing on her website she did not have the poll numbers nor the money to remain competitive with candidates Conservative Doug Hoffman and Democrat Bill Owens. However, Ms. Scozzafava's name will remain on the ballot when constituents go to the polls on Tuesday. Published November 1 2009