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Water Cooler Archive: April 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Arizona illegal immigrant law expected to boost May day crowds in Bay area...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are:Arizona illegal immigrant law expected to boost May day crowds in Bay area, Hawaii lawmakers pass civil unions bill, Hawaii lawmakers pass civil unions bill. Published April 30 2010

  • Feinstein against San Francisco boycott of Arizona

    Yesterday evening at the unveiling of Senate Democrats proposal for immigration reform, I asked Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, if she supported a resolution in the city of San Francisco to boycott any company doing business in Arizona. Here is her full response. Published April 30 2010

  • Puerto Rico could become fifty-first state

    The House passed on Thursday night the Puerto Rico Democracy Act (H.R. 2499). This would mandate the U.S. territory to vote on its status with the United States.   The bill, though, is created in favor of the island becoming the 51st state. Every eight years, a plebiscite or a ballot question on the issue of the territory’s status would be asked of Puerto Ricans living on the island and of non resident native born Puerto Ricans living in the United States to vote on. This will happen until statehood is finally achieved for Puerto Rico.   Published April 29 2010

  • Animal agriculture needs to get online, stay relevant

    The animal agriculture industry needs to stop speaking its own language, get online and compete with animal-rights groups, according to a public relations executive at an Animal Agriculture Alliance meeting. Published April 29 2010

  • Asa Hutchinson says animal agriculture a likely future terror target

    Former DHS head Asa Hutchinson warned the Animal Agriculture Alliance Wednesday of 'agroterrorism' Published April 28 2010

  • Florida GOP congressman expects to support Rubio

    Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist on Wednesday decided he will run for the State’s open Senate seat as an independent sources close to Fox News say. Published April 28 2010

  • Veganism is murder, too

    Animal Agriculture Alliance speakers: 'animal rights' lobby wants to destroy animal agriculture  Published April 28 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Oklahoma legislators override anti-life veto of governor...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are:Oklahoma legislators override anti-life veto of governor, Rubio criticizes controversial Arizona immigration law, Dating by blood type in Japan. Published April 28 2010

  • Sen. Ben Nelson on vote against cloture: Buffett issue has nothing to do with it

    A second financial reform cloture vote failed to proceed in the last 24 hours. At 4:30 PM on Tuesday, Senate Democrats could not bring in the 60 votes needed to overcome a mainly Republican filibuster halting debate on legislation that would regulate the banking industry. The motion failed 57 to 41. Senator Ben Nelson, Nebraska Democrat, voted with the GOP against cloture for a second time. Published April 27 2010

  • Video: Ivanka Trump slams Obama administration policies

    Looks like New York's social set (usually attached to liberals) are tiring of President Barack Obama. Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, criticized the Obama administration tonight on FNC's Hannity, telling guest host Tucker Carlson her concerns regarding the administration's policies. Published April 26 2010

  • Ariz. immigration law mirrors federal version but with state enforcement

    MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has an odd obsession for criticizing conservatives for calling Mr. Obama a "Nazi" all the time, yet he has no problem comparing the newly signed Arizona immigration law to "Nazi guards asking to see your papers." Even President Obama did not go that far, but he did call the new law "misguided." Published April 26 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Reuters editor says Limbaugh's right about Oklahoma City bombing not Clinton...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are:Reuters editor says Limbaugh's right about Oklahoma City bombing not Clinton, Stabbed hero dies as more than 20 people stroll past him,  Refried beans found smeared on AZ Capitol windows. Published April 26 2010

  • Video: NRSC launches online video calling Dems 'Party of Wall Street'

    The Financial Regulation Reform bills in the House and the Senate have Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill accusing each other of being too cozy with Wall Street financial firms. Launching a new ad on the topic on Sunday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee compiled a montage of TV clips to illustrate how the Democratic Party financially benefited from being too close to Wall Street firms. Published April 26 2010

  • Move over, 'tea party,' the 'tax party' protesters are here

    The Responsible Budget Coalition held a "Save Our State" rally in Springfield, Ill., Wednesday where 15,000 protesters, most of them state union workers, screamed for higher taxes   Published April 23 2010

  • Dems look to alter filibuster rules

    The Senate Rules Committee met on Thursday morning to examine the filibuster rules and decide whether or not it should be reformed. Senator Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat and Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, opened the hearing declaring, “filibusters and cloture motions have escalated in recent years to unprecedented levels.” Published April 23 2010

  • The case for extending a helping hand

    As you already know, this issue is an important one for me and one that reminds me of the struggles, pains and need to overcome obstacles as I experienced as an immigrant child. The struggles I saw my parents endure in the quest of experiencing a better life in the United States of America. Some people capitalize on the baseless allegation that HB 262 is unfriendly and mean-spirited. We all know, that all good things in life, those worth pursuing and fighting for are often unpleasant, often cause sadness but the end result is worthy.  Published April 22 2010

  • Amnesty tax hike

    Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, has highlighted the fiscal costs of illegal immigrants.  Mr. Smith spelled out illegal immigrants’ additional costs to American taxpayers, should Congress pass an amnesty bill, in a tax day blog.  Bottom line:  We’re talking untold billions of dollars! Published April 22 2010

  • Ghosts of Fannie and Freddie haunt Democrats

    Republicans on Wednesday went after Democrats  for excluding government sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from being scrutinized in the Democratic financial regulatory reform bills.  Published April 22 2010

  • Rewarding Metro's poor track record with more subsidies?

    D.C. Council member wants to raise D.C. gas tax to pay for Metro--despite poor service, federal, local money pledges Published April 21 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Former Rolling Stone’s child lover says raise the age of consent...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are:Former Rolling Stone’s child lover says raise the age of consent, Bisexual men sue gay group, claim bias, Take the painkiller and go home.     Published April 21 2010