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Water Cooler Archive: December 2010

  • $48 billion earmark stalks spending bill

    Earmarking practices are far from gone on Capitol Hill despite the debate over the recent earmark ban proposal. The Wall Street Journal is reporting a particularly massive piece of pork that appears to be part of the omnibus package lawmakers are sparring about in Washington. Published December 16 2010

  • Sen. Reid threatens to keep Senate working through holidays (video)

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, warned Republicans on Wednesday that if the GOP plans to "run down the clock" to delay the Democrats' key pieces of legislation, Mr. Reid said he would be willing to have the Senate work through the holidays. Published December 15 2010

  • Sen. Levin to remove 'controversial' items in defense bill

    Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told reporters on Capitol Hill that he is looking to remove 'controversial' measures in the defense authorization bill. Published December 15 2010

  • Grayson on tax compromise: Obama assumes he can take Dem votes for granted (audio)

    Outgoing Congressman Alan Grayson, Florida Democrat, is not at all happy with the tax rate extension bill compromise. On his way to a Democratic caucus meeting, he told me Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said the bill would not come to the floor "until its changed." Published December 14 2010

  • Sen. Casey may vote for defense bill despite military abortion language

    Social conservatives are not done with their concern over the defense bill due to a measure, inserted by former Democratic Senator of Illinois Roland Burris, in the legislation that would allow for abortions to be performed on military bases by military personnel. Published December 14 2010

  • UCLA Professor: DREAM Act immigrants will 'replace old white men'

    UCLA Professor Kent Wong stood before an audience at Los Angeles' Levitt Pavilion in MacCarthur Park on Monday and spoke to those supporting federal amnesty legislation known as the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (the DREAM Act). Published December 14 2010

  • Tax rate extensions moves forward in Senate

    The tax rate compromise cleared a Senate hurdle today. The motion to move forward towards a vote on the tax legislation won out and passed the 60 vote threshold. The vote remains open, because some Senators are late to the Capitol due to harsh weather conditions in their respective states. Published December 13 2010

  • VA judge: Obamacare mandate unconstitutional

    In Virginia on Monday morning, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson ruled the new federal healthcare reform law's mandate, requiring American citizens to have health insurance, to be unconstitutional Published December 13 2010

  • Governor Christie strikes at New Jersey's high court

    New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, known for his public battles with his state’s teachers union, is now taking on the liberal leadership in both New Jersey’s state senate and judiciary. Governor Christie decided not to reappoint New Jersey Supreme Court Justice John E. Wallace. Published December 11 2010

  • Will NYC teachers union consider assault of pregnant teacher murder of a baby?

    New York's NBC affiliate is reporting that a four month pregnant teacher at Exploration Academy in the Bronx suffered a miscarriage as a result of attempting to break up a fight in her classroom. Published December 10 2010

  • DADT measure fails in the Senate

    Senator Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent, and Senator Susan Collins, Maine Republican, expressed their disappointment on Thursday night over a failed motion that would have moved the Defense Authorization Bill (containing the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) forward towards a vote. Mr. Lieberman and Ms. Collins told reporters they were blind-sided by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, who brought the bill to the floor in the early evening for a vote. According to Senators Lieberman and Collins, Mr. Reid promised to call for a vote only after a procedural agreement was met with Ms. Collins. Published December 9 2010

  • Dems still split on Obama tax compromise

    Democrats continue to disagree with one another over President Barack Obama's tax rate extension compromise with Republican members of Congress. Published December 9 2010

  • DREAM Act passes House, but Senate likely to block bill

    The House passed the Dream Act on Wednesday evening on mainly partisan lines 216 to 198. House members on both sides of the aisle crossed over to vote for or against this immigration bill with 8 Republicans supporting the legislation and 38 Democrats opposing it. The DREAM Act now goes to the Senate, where the odds on its passage remain low. Democrats have yet to whip at least sixty votes to overcome a filibuster. Published December 8 2010

  • Sanders and Landrieu outraged over tax compromise

    Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont Democrat, and Senator Mary Landrieu, Louisiana Democrat, are crying foul over the tax compromise President Barack Obama made with Republicans. Published December 7 2010

  • Rockefeller on cable news: I want them to clean up their act

    Senator Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia Democrat, follows up on his comments about pulling the plug on Fox News and MSNBC. Published December 7 2010

  • Sharpton to meet with FCC in effort to censor Limbaugh

    Reverend Al Sharpton appeared on MSNBC on Monday and talked about his upcoming meetings at the FCC that he hopes will result in throwing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves. Published December 7 2010

  • Manchin breaks campaign promise on taxes

    Senator Joe Manchin, West Virginia Democrat, demonstrated today that he knows how to flip-flop on the issues. During a vote in the Senate on Saturday, Mr. Manchin voted in favor of extending the Bush-era tax cuts solely for families making up to $1 million a year. Published December 4 2010

  • Rangel to TWT: I don't deal in average American citizens (VIDEO)

    Following a vote to censure Rep.Charles Rangel on Thursday night, the congressman spoke to reporters and lashed out when I asked if an average American citizen would be punished more severely if the individual committed similar violations. Published December 3 2010

  • WikiLeaks Cable: Venezuela’s medical system in disarray

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez lauded WikiLeaks founder Julian Assnage as a "brave man" according to El Universal. Mr. Chavez remarked on his state-run TV network VTV: "The empire stood naked. I do not know what the United States is going to do. Well, they do not care about this. But how many things have been disclosed! They disrespect their allies with all these spying activities!” Mr. Chavez may be referring to a WikiLeaks cable describing his country's health care system. A WikiLeaks cable dated in December of 2009 and released on Sunday describes Venezuela’s medical system in disarray. Published December 2 2010

  • Female House members to gain restroom under Boehner Speakership

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, may have made history by becoming the first woman to become Speaker, but she did no favors for her fellow female colleagues who long wanted a bathroom for themselves off the lower chamber's floor. Published December 2 2010