The Washington Times - February 11, 2010, 11:38PM

In the midst of weak polls numbers, the Obama administration is grabbing on to anything that will boost the image of a flailing presidency. Everyone from President Obama to Vice President Joe Biden to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs are more than willing to say the successes in Iraq are due to Obama administration policies without crediting the President Bush’s foundational groundwork, like the surge (which Obama and Biden opposed) and setting up the military drawdown in Iraq with Prime Minister Maliki before he left the White House. The Fox News Channel details further the Obama administration’s attempt to call any success in Iraq their own, while trashing the Bush administration in the process.

It remains amusing that the White House will continue to repeat they “inherited” the Bush economy, when Obama’s economic policies continue to fail, while embracing any victory in Iraq that rightfully belongs to the prior administration’s work with the U.S. Military and Iraqi government.


This is sort of like beating up on the class nerd everyday, demand he does your class work, score straight A’s, still beat up on the class nerd, and truly believe you are some kind of genius for getting good grades. Unfortunately for President Obama, the teachers are the American people. He has not paid attention to them, and stealing the credit for someone else’s hard work will not bring up his poll numbers.