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Water Cooler Archive: February 2010

  • Panel of former Muslims says U.S. needs to "wake up"; overtolerance could hurt USA

    Panel of former Muslims says U.S. is "sleeping"; overtolerance could pave the way for shari'a in America  Published February 19 2010

  • Surprises all around at CPAC 2010

    Liz Cheney wowed the Conservative Political Action Conference crowd on Thursday when she introduced her father as a surprise guest to CPAC attendees. According to American Conservative Union's (ACU), the organization that hosts the event, David Keene very few people knew that the former Vice President would speak today. Published February 19 2010

  • Video: CPAC crowd jumps to their feet for Scott Brown

    Sen. Scott Brown (R - MA) introduced Former Massachusetts Governor (R) Mitt Romney today at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Published February 18 2010

  • Videos: Liz Cheney surprises CPAC 2010 attendees with dad in tow

    The Cheneys deployed a tag team strategy today at CPAC when Liz Cheney introduced her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, to the surprise of attendees. Check out the videos below of both father and daughter taking shots at the Obama administration's poor handling of the war on terror. Published February 18 2010

  • CPAC NEWS: Hoffman to announce candidacy for NY23 in coming weeks

    New York's Doug Hoffman is visiting fellow conservatives in Washington, D.C., this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and told The Washington Times he will be announcing his candidacy to run for Congress in New York's 23rd district in 2010 in the coming weeks. Published February 18 2010

  • The united colors of the John Birch Society

    The Conservative Political Action Conference faced criticism for allowing the controversial group known as the John Birch Society to become a co-sponsor this year. JBS was denounced by conservative conservative icon William F. Buckley and has been called racist as well as anti-Semitic. The group, however, strongly disagrees. Published February 17 2010

  • Conservative leaders publicly unveil 'Mount Vernon Statement' in Virginia library

    As conservative activists land in Washington, D.C. to gather at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, leaders of the conservative movement are meeting at the Collingwood Library in Alexandria, Virginia today at 2:30 PM to publicly unveil become known as the Mount Vernon Statement. This updated conservative doctrine is similar to the 1960 Sharon Statement which was created by movement leaders fifty years ago and signed at William F. Buckley's home in Connecticut.  Published February 17 2010

  • CPAC expecting more attendees than last year's record number

    Hosted by the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACU), the annual three-day Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gears up on Thursday at Washington, D.C.'s, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Organizers do not seem concerned whatsoever about turnout this week. Last year’s CPAC brought forth reportedly 9,000 attendees from all over the country, which was a record number for the yearly event, and CPAC staffers are expecting more this year. Published February 17 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: ‘Kennedys’ miniseries ignites a storm...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: ‘Kennedys’ miniseries ignites a storm, Bidenism, and O's Bayh-way to hell, Analysis shows Amy Bishop should've been arrested, charged in 1986, Bayh: DC is 'brain-dead'. Published February 17 2010

  • Palin's next big hurdle? Indy voters

    GOP superstar Sarah Palin may be popular but, if she aspires to the presidency, she needs to do her homework. Published February 16 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: al Qaeda studied airline security prior to bomb design...:

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: al Qaeda studied airline security prior to bomb design, Bidenism, and O's Bayh-way to hell. Published February 16 2010

  • Al Gore on 'climate crisis' : 'Worse than we thought'

      In the midst of heavy snow fall all over the United States  and a recent admission from global warming advocate Phil Jones that there has been no warming since 1995, former Vice President Al Gore is sticking to his guns. In a February 12 statement, he writes on his website about the "unfolding climate crisis."   Published February 15 2010

  • Evan Bayh says 'bye' to life in the Senate

    Democrat Senator from Indiana Evan Bayh is announcing his retirement from the U.S. Senate today which leaves his party scrambling for a new candidate to run in the centrist's seat. Published February 15 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Did The Family Guy really just make fun of Trig Palin?...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Did The Family Guy really just make fun of Trig Palin?, Dem candidate says 'whites don't want to work in factories', and Barack Obama statue removed from Jakarta park. Published February 15 2010

  • Card game mocks Obama administration spending

    A fresh new card game called Obama Nation from the seller Twisted Entertainment has hit the online marketplace. Obama Nation, described as a cross between Go Fish and Old Maid, calls itself the "trillion dollar bailout" game. Published February 15 2010

  • Video: Cheney hints at support for repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'

    On ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, former Vice President Dick Cheney discussed his thoughts with host Jonathan Karl about the Obama administration's handling of terror suspects and the war in Iraq. He was also asked whether or not the military policy commonly known as "don't ask, don't tell," which keeps homosexual members in the military from serving openly, should be repealed. Published February 14 2010

  • Critic wants to see teen abortions on MTV's '16 and Pregnant'

    Steve Ertelt at Life News is reporting that the successful MTV show "16 and Pregnant" is returning for a second season. The show follows 10 pregnant teens in different life circumstances.  A pro-choice blogger is not pleased that the program does not depict a teenage girl who chooses abortion. Published February 12 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: The 'green jobs' scam unmasked...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: The 'green jobs' scam unmasked, Palin Channels Feinstein is this any different?, and TRush Limbaugh's voice tested to kill beetle. Published February 12 2010

  • Video: Rep. Kennedy tells Rhode Island he will not seek re-election

    After calling Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's candidacy "a joke" and facing tough re-election odds in his home state of Rhode Island, Democratic Congressman Patrick "Patches" Kennedy tells his constituents he will not seek re-election for a ninth term. Perhaps the kitchen was getting too hot for Mr. Kennedy to handle. Published February 12 2010

  • Obama administration takes credit for Bush success in Iraq

    In the midst of weak polls numbers, the Obama administration is grabbing on to anything that will boost the image of a flailing presidency. Everyone from President Obama to Vice President Joe Biden to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs are more than willing to say the successes in Iraq are due to Obama administration policies without crediting the President Bush's foundational groundwork, like the surge. Published February 11 2010