The Washington Times - July 9, 2010, 12:26PM

Updated 7/9/10

San Francisco, long known for its liberal politics, proposes and passes numerous “bans” and restrictive orders on its residents. The latest proposal from San Francisco’s Commission of Animal Control and Welfare is a ban on the sale of all pets (other than fish) throughout the city. Such a move is likely to cause great financial damage to local pet stores causing pet store business owners to shut down. 


This proposed pet sale ban will only add to the list of bans San Francisco has already instituted. A simple google search with the phrase “San Francisco bans” calls up a plethora of news headlines over the years that have that phrase. The sampling of headlines below from the last ten years shows just how over-regulated that city is:

July 8, 2010:  San Francisco Bans Sugary Soda from Vending Machines 

April 27, 2010: San Francisco bans city workers from most Arizona business travel

May 6, 2009: San Francisco bans loitering in front of nightclubs

January 7, 2009San Francisco Bans Alcohol Ads

July 29, 2008: San Francisco Bans Tobacco Sales At Pharmacies

January 30, 2008: San Francisco Bans Trans Fats

August 13, 2007:San Francisco Bans Plastic Bag use in Stores

June 23, 2007: San Francisco Mayor Bans the Bottle

June 6, 2007To Keep Its Parakeets Wild, San Francisco Bans Handouts

April 13, 2007San Francisco Bans Styrofoam for To-Go Containers

July 31, 2006: San Francisco Bans Bisphenol-A in Some Applications

November 29, 2006: San Francisco Bans JROTC

November 19, 2006: San Francisco prepares to ban certain chemicals in products for kids

January 26, 2005San Francisco bans smoking in public places

April 27, 2004San Francisco Bans Irradiated Food in Schools

January 7, 2003: San Francisco bans Segways on sidewalks, bike paths

October 2, 2001: San Francisco bans filters in libraries

July 26, 2000San Francisco Bans Weight-Based Discrimination