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Water Cooler Archive: July 2010

  • Progressives fearful and angry at Fox News, White House

    A Net Roots Nation conference panel that convened at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas on Thursday titled “Responding to Attacks on Community Organizers and Progressive Groups” held a heavy emphasis on the liberal response to the recent story involving former USDA official Shirley Sherrod who was ousted from her position following the release of a video clip of her making questionable remarks. More video of the original clip was released to reveal further context of Ms. Sherrod’s remarks. Published July 23 2010

  • Without preconditions, Palestinian Authority gets to fly flag in Washington

    The State Department has announced the status upgrade of the Palestinian Authority, the group whose parent organization perpetrated the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. Published July 23 2010

  • Government report: race and gender a factor in killing GM dealerships

    Were race and gender some of the reasons why certain GM dealerships were closed down and others not? According to a newly released government report from the Office of Special Inspector General For the Trouble Asset Relief Program it appears it may have been used as a criteria. Published July 23 2010

  • Fighting an unnamed enemy waging an unrecognized war

    Since arriving in office, the Obama administration has delved deeply into its thesaurus to find ways of speaking about Islamism without mentioning it. In his June 2009 Cairo speech, a not atypical example, President Obama referred repeatedly to ‘extremists,’ ‘violent extremists’ and ‘violent extremism.’ He even referred at one point to anti-Israel terrorism by its Palestinian euphemism – ‘resistance.’ Published July 23 2010

  • ACLU 'rethinking' the Second Amendment?

    The Florida ACLU helping a retiree get his seized guns back is just the latest in a small series of moves by ACLU state affiliates in support of gun rights. The traditionally anti-second amendment national ACLU may be changing course, too. Published July 22 2010

  • Bush Attorneys Deserve Reputations Back

    Three years ago, it already was obvious that no laws were actually broken by ham-handed members of Alberto Gonzales' Justice Department. Now, those lawyers have been officially cleared. They deserve bigger stories from the establishment media. Published July 22 2010

  • Georgetown professor misses the mark on NYC Islamic center

    Georgetown University professor relies on the tired 'intolerance' canard to distract from the real issue at the heart of the Cordoba Initiative furor: terrorism. Published July 21 2010

  • Steny Hoyer maintains individual mandate is not a tax

    “I don’t see this as a tax. I think it is personal responsibility for all of us to make sure that we take care of ourselves to the extent we can. To the extent we can’t, we need to get some assistance from people,” said House Majority leader Steny Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, when I asked him on Tuesday about the Obama administration’s recent admission that the individual mandate is indeed a tax. Published July 21 2010

  • Breitbart: NAACP is trying to snooker America

    Following Andrew Breitbart’s release of a video showing now former USDA official Shirley Sherrod making questionable racial remarks to an NAACP audience regarding how she handled an interaction with a white farmer, she resigned from her position at the USDA on Monday. Published July 20 2010

  • Sen. Graham on Kagan vote: Elections have consequences

    Solicitor General Elena Kagan was approved by a 13 -6 vote by Senate Judiciary Committee members on Tuesday. While the vote was mainly along party lines, Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, voted in favor of moving her nomination along for a vote among all Senate members. Published July 20 2010

  • America demands more - and it shows

    If Americans ask too much of their government, Europeans ask too little. Published July 20 2010

  • Look who’s talking

    “You’re a racist!” Screamed kids (not the NAACP) in response to racial slurs thrown back and forth, from kid to kid; in a class of routinely ill-behaved high-schoolers. Prior to my current position, I did time as a substitute teacher. Among many anecdotes I have about the students, this one is most pertinent in the current climate. Published July 20 2010

  • Washington Post had time for Michelle Obama, none for the New Black Panthers case

    The Washington Post national editor says limited staffing kept The Post from covering the New Black Panther case. It did not, however, keep them from covering Michelle Obama's trip to the DOJ. Published July 20 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Race card fraud, New gel cuts risk of HIV infection. Published July 20 2010

  • Fake Marine should pay for his sins

    Colorado man who posed as an Iraq war vet shouldn't go unpunished for fabricating military medals, raising funds under false pretenses. Published July 19 2010

  • Brennan: Terrorists created through social and economic factors

    Senior counterterrorism advisor John Brennan visited the Washington Times Editorial Board on June 24, as he took issue with our writers on our June 11 editorial titled Terrorists are the real victims? The piece describes how the Obama administration, particularly John Brennan himself, believe: “United States cannot be at war with terrorism because terrorism is only a ‘tactic.’” The editorial is critical of a speech a Mr. Brennan delivered in May on why individuals turn to terrorism. Mr. Obama’s counterterrorism advisor disapprovingly pointed to the particular piece below, in the editorial, where we discuss his ideas relating to why individuals turn to terrorist activities: Mr. Brennan also asserted that "violent extremists" are victims of "political, economic and social forces." This dense statement implies that counterterrorism should focus not on terrorists themselves but the underlying causes that purportedly "victimized" them. It's similar to the discredited argument that the way to fight urban crime is through big-government social programs rather than putting more police on the beat. Making terrorists into victims also legitimates their grievances, which is a strange way to fight them. Published July 19 2010

  • NAACP video shows promotion of racial discrimination

    The guys at Big Government have unearthed a March 27, 2010 NAACP video with disturbing content regarding racial discrimination being promoted at the NAACP and in government. Published July 19 2010

  • McCotter: Abolishing RPC solely about cutting spending not a power play

    November may hold strong gains for House Republicans, but GOP members appear to already be having on the side sniping over who could possibly hold various leadership positions should they win back the majority. Rep. Thad McCotter, Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, reportedly angered fellow Republicans back in early July, when he revealed his plan to abolish the entire committee as a cost saving measure to pay down the national debt. Published July 19 2010

  • TWT Exclusive: Is Wash Post harming intelligence work?

    I have obtained this document sent by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It appears the Washington Post is about to push the bounds of intelligence reporting. The intelligence agency seems concerned. See letter below. More coming later. Published July 16 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Only 10% of Israelis think US president is pro-Israel...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Only 10% of Israelis think US president is pro-Israel, Harvard wimps out on testing, Sharpest drop in manufacturing in past year. Published July 16 2010