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Water Cooler Archive: June 2010

  • "Green Prince" should have been granted asylum sooner

    It's about time we granted the "Son of Hamas" political asylum Published June 30 2010

  • NRA disputes gag order rumor on Kagan nomination

    The National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action's Executive Director Chris Cox disputed the notion that the NRA had a gag order placed on its Board of Directors regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan. He joined NRA News radio host Cam Edwards on Tuesday telling the radio talker, “A blog out there said that the National Rifle Association has put a gag order on its board of directors as it relates to Elena Kagan. Well first of all, that’s just outrageous. It’s a lie---just the reality of trying to put a gag on Ted Nugent?” Published June 30 2010

  • Update on "Sexual Sadist" Judge

    A great new ad on the controversial Judge Chatigny. Published June 30 2010

  • Accused spies fought Russians over home ownership

    Two of the eleven alleged agents of Moscow's SVR intelligence service, living in Montclair New Jersey, apparently complained to their bosses at the Moscow Centre that they wanted to buy a house, so they could “do as the Romans do,” reports the Telegraph. Published June 30 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Obama’s good for GOP, Boehner says...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Obama’s good for GOP, Boehner says, Democrats quietly cheer high court gun ruling, American voters’ Facebook status: hosed in the divorce Published June 29 2010

  • Sen. Brown on Wall Street bill: I can't support Dem's $19 billion tax hike

    The financial regulatory reform bill seemed like a sure thing just almost a week ago. However, after Democrats in both chambers looked to hike $19 billion in taxes on banks, things changed. Published June 28 2010

  • Kagan hearing kicks off, Dems go after SCOTUS campaign finance decision

    In the wake of the passing of Senator Robert Byrd, the Supreme Court is front and center today with a number of major decisions being released from the high court and the Elana Kagan Supreme Court nomination hearing starting up at the same time. GOP Senators hammered Solicitor General Kagan, a former dean of the Harvard Law School, taking issue with her political activism of liberal Democrat causes and her lack of judicial experience. Published June 28 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Sessions: GOP filibuster of Kagan possible...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Sessions: GOP filibuster of Kagan possible, Obama’s green energy myth, American voters’ opposition to Obamacare is rock-solid Published June 28 2010

  • JournoList members concerned about further hit jobs?

    Although Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein announced he shut down the much talked about "JournoList" e-mail listserv following the release of disparaging e-mails by David Weigel about well known conservatives and libertarians, one must wonder if others on the list have become a little paranoid about their own musings. What if the leaker is still at large and is waiting to do another hit job on another member of the now disbanded JournoList? Published June 26 2010

  • Off the record karma bit Weigel hard

    The exposure of e-mails from a liberal listserv, known as the Journolist, of former Washington Post blogger David Weigel, that eventually resulted in his resignation at the Washington newspaper, set off an explosion of chatter recycling the usual debate over media bias, off-the record statements, personal friendships among journalists who may not see eye to eye on issues, and professional betrayal. Published June 26 2010

  • Senator Durbin apologizes for 'daily cholera' remark

    The financial regulation reform bill is an extraordinarily aggressive approach particularly toward the issue of debit fees. When I first asked Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat, about it, citing a Daily Caller article, he mistakenly thought I said, “daily cholera.” Published June 25 2010

  • Inhofe: Obama trying to grant amnesty by executive order

    In a previous post on Tuesday, I referred to a story where the non-profit immigration organization Numbers USA reported that a group of GOP senators sent President Obama a letter expressing their concern about rumors of an executive order being drawn up that would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. Published June 25 2010

  • Arizona Dems ask Obama not to sue state

    As a follow up to my previous post on vulnerable Democrats in Arizona, it appears these same Democrats are pleading with President Obama to not sue their state over SB 1070. Published June 24 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Low approval of Congress points to high seat change in November...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Low approval of Congress points to high seat change in November, WH, Cuomo's HUD career under scrutiny, Steinem criticizes Palin for using feminist brand. Published June 24 2010

  • Video-Rep. Kanjorski: 'Finance bill will help good Americans, not minorities or defective people'

    Connie Hair at Human Events has posted this shocking video of Rep. Paul Kanjorski, Pennsylvania Democrat, at a Wednesday conference committee hearing to merge the House and Senate versions of the recently-passed financial regulation bills. Here, he talks about the debilitating effects of the recession on his constituents. Unfortunately, Mr. Kanjorski may not have realized he offended those he was trying to impress. Published June 23 2010

  • Has Wal-Mart hijacked financial reg reform?

    Retailers remain a strong proponent for government price controls on debit card fees as they spearhead lobbying efforts to ensure Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat, can keep his amendment in the Senate banking regulation bill that will allow the Federal Reserve to determine how much credit card companies should charge for use of the payment network. However, Mr. Durbin’s home state appears be the recipient of a $20 million donation from Walmart, according to an article by the Daily Caller on Tuesday, and the timing of the donation is a little odd. Published June 23 2010

  • Off the beaten path online: Do Fla. Dems have plans to win elections by running fake tea party candidates?...

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Do Fla. Dems have plans to win elections by running fake tea party candidates?, Flashback: Media promoted military criticism of President Bush, Not Mao Zedong or a Communist...but a Socialist. Published June 23 2010

  • Granting amnesty by executive order?

    Numbers USA, a non-profit immigration group is saying that a group of Republican senators are hearing unconfirmed reports that President Barack Obama could possibly grant amnesty to illegal immigrants by executive order. Published June 23 2010

  • 2004 Audio flashback: Obama talks about amnesty 'trade off' for border security

    Naked Emperor News has posted interesting audio from a 2004 public radio appearance of President Barack talking about the immigration issue, which proves exactly what Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican, has been saying this week about his meeting with the president on border security. Published June 22 2010

  • Governor Daniels plays risky game of truce or dare

    In his reasonable tone and well-tailored suit, likely Republican presidential candidate Mitch Daniels suggested a truce on social issues. He admonished and rebuked, reminding us that money--dear stupid children--matters more than life, and power is to be esteemed and protected more than right and wrong. More than anything, his truce was delivered to gain him votes and accolades of moderation from those who consider themselves fiscally conservative and socially liberal. In a fog of national debt, there are many votes to be had, and all it takes is a slick politician with enough good sense to label themselves as a pocket book protector. Published June 22 2010