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Water Cooler Archive: June 2010

  • Video: Harry Reid dodges question on SEIU protesting private citizen

    During a press conference last Friday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, told reporters about a bipartisan amicus brief to the Supreme Court supporting the right of military families to bury the remains of their loved ones without being protested. I asked Mr. Reid if the same right to privacy should extend to private citizens whose homes are protested by public unions. Published June 2 2010

  • Immigration laws only apply to a leftist agenda

    It is amazing how unfolding events between Israel and its enemies show an analogous connection to open border activists protesting in Arizona. Both illustrate how opponents of liberty manage to deceptively cloak themselves as saviors to those they claim are oppressed. Published June 1 2010

  • Supreme Court Rules: No right to silence

    Court ruling should prompt changes to Miranda Rights. Published June 1 2010

  • 'Gaza Freedom Flotilla' aid included expired medicines, old supplies

    Humanitarian aid was the supposed aim of the flotilla to the Gaza strip. So why is so much of the the supply inventory unusable? Published June 1 2010