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Water Cooler Archive: November 2010

  • Tax-payer funded X-Mas exhibit shows ant-covered Jesus and naked kissing brothers

    The Smithsonian is finding itself in hot water over a controversial Christmas-season exhibit showing Jesus Christ covered in ants, naked brothers kissing, genitalia, and TV host Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts. Published November 30 2010

  • Wikileaks and Obama's Bow

    A Wikileaks cable sheds new light on Obama's April 2009 bow to the Saudi King Published November 29 2010

  • Choosing Upton for Energy and Commerce is a loser for GOP

    Committee Chairmanships are still being figured out for the incoming House Republican majority in the 112th Congress next year. While American voters are counting on the GOP to do the right thing by reining in spending, keeping taxes low, and loosening up government regulations among other issues, unfortunately it appears Republican leadership may be falling short in their choice of who could possibly head up the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Published November 29 2010

  • WikiLeaks doc dump furthers Obama as weak on international front

    Over 250,000 State Department documents, among them secret diplomatic embassy cables from all over the world, have been revealed on Sunday as a result of a WikiLeaks document dump. On the heels of a crisis on the Korean peninsula, a Russian government making demands regarding our nuclear arsenal, a terrorist tried in U.S. a civilian court found guilty on only one count among 150, and an Iranian dictator making threats to the United States and our allies, the latest WikiLeaks document dump serves to confirm that the Obama administration is perceived as weak on handling international affairs. Published November 28 2010

  • Liberty’s challenge

    Conservatives are cautiously optimistic that the Republican controlled House will reverse the Big Government trend. Before the new crop of politicians is sworn in, it is important to examine historical precedents and establish basic standards that should be met to offer the best chance of restoring smaller government. Published November 25 2010

  • Jindal: Obama admin 'divorced from facts and reality' after BP spill

    Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal recently released his new book "Leadership and Crisis" where he opens up about the Obama administration's response and handling of the BP oil spill among other issues. The Louisiana governor spoke to me earlier this month and described President Barack Obama's reaction to Mr. Jindal when the president first landed in Louisiana after the oil spill disaster. Published November 24 2010

  • DeLay found guilty in money laundering case

    Tom DeLay, former Republican House Majority Leader, was found guilty of money laundering charges in Austin today. Published November 24 2010

  • Freshman lawmaker calls House ban on hats 'sexist'

    Freshman Democratic lawmaker Frederica Wilson, newly elected from Florida, first priority on Capitol Hill will not be to her constituents but to her own vanity. Ms. Wilson believes the House floor dress code that bans all members from wearing hats is "sexist." This is interesting considering men are not allowed to wear hats either, and the rule goes back to the 1800's when it was common for both men and women to wear hats on a daily basis. Published November 23 2010

  • Gore: I supported ethanol subsidies because of presidential ambitions

    Former Vice President Al Gore made a candid admission about his past support for corn-based ethanol subsidies. According to a new Reuters article, Mr. Gore said that he only supported the subsidies in the past, a position he calls a mistake now, because he had presidential ambitions in 1999. Published November 22 2010

  • Mississippi Gulf Coast businesses need certainty not tax hikes from DC lawmakers

    Visiting the Gulf Coast, Mississippi region this weekend, I was curious to see how the revival of the area has developed since not only the BP oil spill this year but also Hurricane Katrina from over five years past. While individuals in the community are still pulling together to draw tourism back to the Gulf Coast area since the the oil spill, Gulf Coast businesses like many across the nation wait anxiously for lawmakers in Washington D.C. to make decisions about tax rates, health care, and energy legislation. Published November 20 2010

  • Bonner to Rangel: You only have yourself to blame (video)

    Rep. Jo Bonner, Alabama Republican, tore into Rep. Charlie Rangel, New York Democrat, on Thursday with remarks made by the Alabama GOP'er regarding Mr. Rangel's ethics committee violations. Published November 19 2010

  • Obama appointee under fire from liberals and conservatives

    The Obama administration seems intent on appointing people to posts within the federal government who have backgrounds that are antithetical to the job appointments. Big Government covered a story a while back regarding former trial lawyer Dudley Butler who now serves as the federal government's Administrator of the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyard Administration (GIPSA). Published November 17 2010

  • Americans for Tax Reform to host RNC Chairmanship debate

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Monday, January 3, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) will host a debate among candidates for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee (RNC). The event will take place in the Ballroom of the National Press Club. Published November 17 2010

  • Kyl: ‘No’ to lame-duck consideration of New START Treaty

    Not only did Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican, tell Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, that appropriate consideration of the New START Treaty could not happen in the lame duck session of Congress but also a bipartisan group of former Senators released a joint letter calling on the Senate’s Democratic and Republican leaders not to break with past precedent and ensure that the New START Treaty is considered only at such time as it can be carefully deliberated and fully debated. The move by Mr. Kyl could throw a wrench into the Obama administration's relationship with Moscow over the nuclear arms agreement. Published November 17 2010

  • Final session for 111th Congress looking lamer for key Democratic legislation

    What was once touted as an escape hatch period for Democrats to push through legislation like Cap and Trade, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the DREAM Act, the lame duck session of Congress, which includes only members of the 111th Congress with newly sworn-in Senators from special elections this year, looks more like a limp across the finish line for Democrats than anything else right now. However, Vice President Joe Biden told me on Monday at the Capitol he was not worried about how the lame duck session was looking right now. Published November 15 2010

  • Tea Party Patriots fall flat on transparency and stupid on tactics

    The Tea Party Patriots have got a lot of explaining to do. Fresh off helping campaigns for GOP wins in the U.S. House of Representatives, members in the Tea Party Patriots organization appear to be playing dirty tricks on Capitol Hill to the dismay of tea party activists who supported efforts of the organization during the midterm elections. Published November 14 2010

  • Congressman-elect Michael Grimm - a.k.a 'Mikey Suits'

    If you thought the mob stopped using nicknames to refer to their associates, Congressman-elect Michael Grimm, New York Republican, will tell you otherwise. Mr. Grimm, a former undercover FBI agent who investigated organized crime on Wall Street, earned the nickname "Mikey Suits" by those he infiltrated during his crime-fighting days. Published November 14 2010

  • Conservative lawmakers go head to head on earmarks

    Post GOP victory celebrations,conservative activists are wondering just how seriously Republicans in Washington will take their pledges to stop massive government spending. Senator James Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, has publicly spoken out against an earmark moratorium proposed by Republican Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Both conservative lawmakers are at odds with the issue and Mr. Inhofe plans to defend his position further next week. Published November 12 2010

  • Bachmann drops bid for GOP Conference Chair

    Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, dropped her bid to become House Republican Conference chair. In a statement, Ms. Bachman released on Wednesday night, she threw her support behind Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Texas Republican. Published November 11 2010

  • Conservative activists say 'no' to Lewis or Rogers to chair aprops

    Concerns surrounding who will eventually take on leadership positions in the new 112th Congress next year are stirring up among Conservative activists in and about Washington, DC. As Republicans in the House prepare to take the reins from the Democrats, committee decisions must be made as to who will chair the powerful House Appropriations Committee. However, conservative movement leaders are leery about what they are hearing over who could possibly end up chairman of House Appropriations. Chairmen and ranking members are term limited, but conservative activists fear that long-time senior ranking members are attempting to remain past their terms by requesting waivers from GOP leadership. Published November 11 2010