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Water Cooler Archive: October 2010

  • NV Poll worker on union intimidation: It's not like they're gonna kill anybody

    While unions bussing their members to the polls in Nevada last week had many crying foul, when it was discovered that members were given free lunches and were heavily watched by union muscle from when casino workers got off the busses to when they went to go vote. The intimidation tactics were too much for poll watcher Babette Rutherford, who filed a complaint with Nevada’s Secretary of State. The complaint describes eight union personnel escorting and menacingly staring down their members to ensure no one wandered off into mall stores instead of voting at the Boulevard Mall polling location in Las Vegas last Wednesday. Published October 31 2010

  • Angle camp marches forward

    With only three days to turn out her supporters on Tuesday, Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle, celebrated "Nevada Day" at a local parade in Carson City on Saturday afternoon. Walking in high heels, Ms. Angle marched the parade route twice. Published October 31 2010

  • Nevada voters from Democratic base release anti-Harry Reid ad (video)

    Things in Nevada are getting hotter. Not content with the direction the country and their home state is going in, a group of Nevada voters calling themselves “Concerned Nevadans That Care About Our Country” will launch an anti-Harry Reid ad this evening. Published October 30 2010

  • Vince McMahon mails WWE merchandise to secretary of state

    Vince McMahon ships the Connecticut secretary of state WWE products after a U.S. district judge rules voters can wear the wrestling company's clothing to election polls Published October 29 2010

  • Turner internal poll shows GOP'er 4 points behind Weiner

    Republican Bob Turner released an internal poll showing that he is about four points behind incumbent Rep. Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat. According to the poll, Mr. Weiner would get 52.31% of the district vote, while Mr. Turner would garner 47.69%. Published October 28 2010

  • Bielat forges onward

    In a district no one thought a GOP challenger could ever have a chance in, Republican Sean Bielat has 15 term incumbent Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, fighting to keep his seat in the House. Published October 28 2010

  • Reid can only rely on union leadership as unemployment rate weighs heavily in NV

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, is hoping his core base of union support in Nevada will come out in droves on Tuesday to help him keep his seat, but while big labor leadership is certainly in Mr. Reid’s corner, according to reports, too many union members may either vote for Mr. Reid’s Republican challenger, Sharron Angle or simply stay home. Published October 28 2010

  • In final stretch Manchin attempts to play both sides

    West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, Democratic senatorial candidate, currently remains in a tight race against his Republican opponent John Raese for the open seat that was left vacant following the death of Robert Byrd Mr. Manchin addressed supporters in a Putnam County Fire Station on Tuesday night. Mr. Manchin carefully straddled both sides of the political spectrum, looking to capture votes in his Democratic home state that is wary of President Barack Obama's White House administration. Published October 27 2010

  • NJ GOP calls for criminal investigation into Adler & DeStefano campaigns

    It looks like New Jersey Republicans are not playing around and want some kind of justice in the three-way third district congressional race. Published October 25 2010

  • Rep. McMahon plays dirty tricks in NY's 13th Congressional race

    Republican Michael Grimm fought a tough contested primary that launched him into New York's 13th Congressional District race against first termer Rep. Michael McMahon, a Democrat. Mr. Grimm, a former FBI agent and U.S. Deputy Marshall, has already picked up endorsements from Republicans like former New York Senator Al D'Amato, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Democratic district leaders in Brooklyn, and a Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind. While Mr. Grimm is still battling ghosts of a fractured New State GOP that refuses to unite in various areas, dirty campaign tactics from the McMahon campaign have already launched. Published October 25 2010

  • Polls shows Hawaii's Djou remains competitive in long-time Democratic stronghold

    Congressman Charles Djou, Hawaii Republican, is defending the seat he won in a special election back in May. The former Honolulu City Councilman won a three-way race against two Democrats, and many believed he would have more trouble winning again in November, since both Democrats split support between their party. However, a new poll is showing Mr. Djou with a strong lead against Democrat candidate Colleen Hanabusa. Published October 25 2010

  • AFL-CIO official: Jesus couldn't do anything more than Obama has done

    If you thought liberals stopped admiring President Barack Obama as the Messiah, think again. In an October 15th piece about union membership's lack of enthusiasm for the 2010 campaign, the Associated Press interviewed Herb Johnson, secretary-treasurer of the Missouri AFL-CIO. He gave his explanation as to why he thinks union members and their households are less than excited about this year's mid-term elections. Published October 24 2010

  • Runyan shows 10 point surge against Rep. Adler in NJ

    A Richard Stockton College/Zogby poll released last Friday showing New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District race has become too close to call. However, while the district's Democratic Congressman John Adler dropped from 38% to 37% since the poll was conducted last month, his Republican challenger, John Runyan, has surged 10 points. According to the poll, 40% of likely voters say they would vote for Mr. Runyan. Published October 24 2010

  • Jim Moran to Military: My service is more important than yours

    Congressman Jim Moran, Virginia Democrat, fell on himself recently at an October 6th meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee, reports the Washington Examiner. Mr. Moran thought he could take a shot at both the GOP and his Republican challenger Patrick Murray this election season, by saying his opponent, a retired Army colonel with 24 years of military service and combat time in Iraq, does not have real public service experience. Published October 23 2010

  • Bridge Builders back Murkowsi

    Alaska write-in Senate candidate Lisa Murkowski's role in the wasteful “Bridge to Nowhere” fiasco is water under the bridge for one Alaska business. Published October 22 2010

  • Juan Williams has defenders in several places--including Howard Stern

    Following National Public Radio's firing of its news analyst Juan Williams, for remarks he made on the Fox News Channel about feeling nervous when he sees individuals dressed "in Muslim garb" on airplanes, an outcry from conservatives over the Fox News contributor's ouster ensued. However, a number of voices on the Left are beginning to speak up for Mr. Williams as well. Published October 21 2010

  • Weiner to debate GOP challenger Turner in Queens today

    Congressman Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, will debate his Republican challenger Bob Turner this afternoon in Rockaway Beach, New York at a local restaurant. The forum, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of the Rockaways, is the first official debate between the two. Published October 21 2010

  • Rep. Hinchey: Tea party 'operation' set up for manipulation process

    Congressman Maurice Hinchey, New York Democrat, faced his Republican challenger George Phillips again in Broome County at the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday. Both men were joined ,at a candidates' forum, by New York Democratic Congressman Mike Arcuri and his GOP challenger Richard Hanna. Published October 20 2010

  • NY Governor's debate turns into cable access talk show

    A number of contentious political debates happening all over the country are providing for some of the most amazing showdowns between candidates in races that remain neck and neck this year. And while serious debates between Republicans, Democrats, and, sometimes, third party candidates could go from boring to downright nasty, none have topped the outrageous nature of New York’s Gubernatorial debate on Monday night at Hofstra University. The event, with all of the characters, zingers, and one liners, was tantamount to watching a political talk show on Manhattan’s Neighborhood Network. Published October 19 2010

  • Debate in Colorado race includes swatting

    Colorado's 7th Congressional district gets touchy-feely when Democratic House candidate Ed Perlmutter swats at Republican House candidate Ryan Frazier Published October 19 2010