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Water Cooler Archive: October 2010

  • Software offers colorful commentary on Nevada Senate debate

    A computer program illustrates the difference in opinions between Nevada Senate Candidates Harry Reid and Sharron Angle Published October 18 2010

  • 1998: Sec. Cuomo pushes 'affirmative action' mortgage loan policy (video)

    President Bill Clinton's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Andrew Cuomo answered questions in 1998 at a press conference regarding HUD policy that would ensure that banks could not discriminate against low-income minorities when considering individuals from this group for housing loans. Published October 16 2010

  • Video: GOP Delaware House candidate Urquhart talks through hecklers

    On Friday October 15, Glen Urquhart, Republican candidate for Congress in Delaware, spoke to the press outside of a Chris Coons for Senate fundraiser in Wilmington. Published October 16 2010

  • Rep. Hinchey clueless on economics and angry on the campaign trail

    Long time New York Democrat Congressman Maurice Hinchey embarrassed himself at a debate against his Republican opponent, George Phillips, when asked about deficit reductions and the estate tax. Later, Mr. Hinchey allegedly assaulted a YNN reporter. Published October 16 2010

  • Obama-Biden draw base support in Delaware for Coons

    Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons received a visit from both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in Wilmington at The Grand Opera House on Friday afternoon. Attendees paid $100 to $1000 per ticket to go to the fundraising event. Other Coons supporters stood outside waving signs. Published October 16 2010

  • Weiner for NYC Mayor?

    It is no secret that Congressman Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, has had aspirations to become mayor of New York City one day. However, why hasn't the New York Congressman made any announcements of his intentions yet, when his 420 Lexington Avenue campaign office has a sign on the door showing he is running for both offices? Published October 14 2010

  • GOP Challenger: Rep. Weiner keeps campaign office out of the district

    During campaign season, it is expected for politicians to set up their campaign headquarters in their own district. Not only does it make the campaign and the Congressman accessible to his or her own constituents but also gives back to the business community. However, Rep. Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, decided to set up shop outside of his Brooklyn-Queens district, says his GOP challenger Bob Turner. Published October 14 2010

  • Court document: Dem Congressman with history of spousal abuse

    Democrats are having a rough year as it is, and a revealing court document about Representative Charlie Wilson, Ohio Democrat, un-earthed by Big Government's Mike Flynn, will not help matters any for the Democratic Party maintaining their majority in November. Published October 14 2010

  • Stern slams Blumenthal for '08 attacks on Sirius-XM merger

    Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, can count on no support from Howard Stern this campaign season. As a result of A.G. Blumenthal's fight against the Sirius-XM merger in 2008, Mr. Stern announced his support for Mr. Blumenthal's Republican challenger, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon. Published October 14 2010

  • New Jersey Republicans call on FEC to investigate Adler campaign

    Republicans are concerned that Congressman John Adler, New Jersey Democrat, may be linked to a shill candidate, Peter DeStefano,who is running for Mr. Adler's 3rd Congressional seat in a race that is neck and neck between Mr. Adler and Republican challenger Jon Runyan. Published October 13 2010

  • The liberal elites vs. the tea party

    Tea party activists are constantly subjected to character assassinations by liberal elites. Interestingly, most of their detractors are not able to clearly define what the movement represents. When commenting on it, they generally become flustered with rage and sputter out inarticulate sentence fragments containing the words “extremist” and “racist.” So what exactly does this group believe? Published October 13 2010

  • Rep. Adler remains elusive on 'tea party' candidate (audio)

    During a debate with Republican Congressional candidate Jon Runyan on Monday night in Cherry Hill, Congressman John Adler, New Jersey Democrat denied any involvement with the recruitment of self-proclaimed tea party candidate, Peter DeStefano, who is running against them both. Published October 12 2010

  • So-called 'tea party' candidate stirs up controversy in NJ

    A reported fake tea party candidate exposed by local New Jersey media will likely be at the center of a debate between Congressman John Adler, New Jersey Democrat and Republican challenger Jon Runyan tonight in Cherry Hill at the Katz Jewish Community Center, says a local New Jersey reports. Published October 11 2010

  • McMahon spokesman has heavyweight status

    Ed Patru, Communications Director for the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign in Connecticut, brings the McMahon campaign an impressive heavy-weight media resume. Published October 11 2010

  • Lollar works towards a Maryland miracle in November

    It is clear that this mid-term election season is bringing forth not just the rise of the conservative woman but also the conservative black candidate who is finding more of a national stage in this year’s Congressional elections. Published October 10 2010

  • Murkowski endorsed by Alaskan Native American group

    Incumbent Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski gets a nod of approval from Alaska's oldest civil rights organization Published October 8 2010

  • Racy photos return to haunt Ball

    Virginia Democratic House candidate Krystal Ball caught behaving badly on camera in 2004 Published October 8 2010

  • Supporting Reid proves bad business for milk company

    A Las Vegas Valley dairy company has lost one of its suppliers after endorsing incumbent Democrat Harry Reid in his bid for Senator Published October 8 2010

  • Obama admin to release guidelines on disciplining minority students

    The Obama administration compared the number of minority students to white students who are disciplined in the schools, and the administration will be addressing the issue on "racial disparities" around students who are disciplined in American schools this winter. Published October 8 2010

  • McMahon to Blumenthal: Did you 'misspeak' again? (video)

    Things became a little intense on Thursday when Connecticut U.S. Senate candidates Linda McMahon, a Republican who formerly headed up World Wrestling Entertainment, and Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, locked horns over remarks each have made about the other one in the past. Published October 7 2010