The Washington Times - September 30, 2010, 08:08AM

Following a slew of bad press over libelous attack ads over his Republican opponent, Daniel Webster, Congressman Alan Grayson, Florida Democrat, was handed a subpoena reports WDBO on Wednesday regarding a tea party candidate running as a third party candidate in Mr. Grayson’s Congressional mid-term race: 

Congressman Alan Grayson has been hit with a subpoena in a case involving local tea party activists, and attorneys want to force him to answer before the November election.

TEA Party financier Doug Guetzloe filed a defamation suit against tea party activists for saying he was trying to “hijack the election” by working with Grayson to fund the candidacy of Peg Dunmire. 

“The classic defense to defamation is truth,” said attorney Wade Vose who is representing the activists. 



A recent poll shows Mr. Grayson seven points behind his Republican challenger, so even with a self-proclaimed tea-party candidate, he’s still having problems convincing his constituents to send him back to Washington. Obviously, even if these accusations against Mr. Grayson turn out to be true, these tactics would only reek of desperation, once again, and appear to be falling flat anyway.