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Water Cooler Archive: September 2010

  • Suit over White House involvement with Panthers

    Fresh off releasing documents proving the Obama/Holder Justice Department lied about political involvement in the decision to drop the voter-intimidation case against New Black Panthers, Judicial Watch sues White House based on my reporting in January about a potential White House connection. Published September 22 2010

  • Rasmussen: Alaska's Joe Miller holds double digit lead over McAdams and Murkowski

    Despite running as a write-in candidate, Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski is still not cutting into the massive lead Alaska Senate Republican candidate Joe Miller has over Democrat Scott McAdams. According to Rasmussen. Published September 22 2010

  • GOP takes steps to remove Murkowski from energy post

    Senate Republican leadership made it clear on Tuesday afternoon that the conference will be meeting on Wednesday to decide whether or not Senator Lisa Murkowski, the Alaska Republican who recently lost her GOP primary to Joe Miller and is now running as a write-in candidate, should remain as the ranking member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Published September 22 2010

  • Pence talks about the presidency

    Mike Pence's speech on Monday on the presidency was a major gauntlet thrown in front of Barack Obama -- and a major philosophical statement worth pondering. Published September 21 2010

  • Dems sabotaged defense bill to fire up base for November

    Whispers around Capitol Hill are the Defense Authorization bill was never meant to pass. Tuesday’s cloture vote in the Senate on the annual Pentagon budget went down in a 56 - 43 vote. The two Arkansas Democrats Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor both crossed party lines and voted with Republicans. Published September 21 2010

  • 'Pro-life' Senate Dem still 'working through' military abortion issue

    Pro-life groups, who felt burned by self-proclaimed pro-life Democrats in Congress during the health care debate should, not start counting on this group to stop such legislation that would keep abortions from happening on military bases. Published September 21 2010

  • Liberal tax arguments unimpressive to flat economy and scared Dems

    Democrat’s are hauling out the same Keynesian economic persuasion tactics, hoping to have their cake and eat it too in the latest tax battle on Capitol Hill. President George W. Bush’s tax relief for all income levels are set to expire at the end of the year. Democrats have seized upon the opportunity to instigate class warfare by claiming that extending the Bush tax relief to those making $250,000 or above would not reduce the deficit and not make much of a difference in improving the economy, but their rhetoric is simply not backed up by history. Published September 20 2010

  • A GOP House majority not really like the 90's

    Former President Bill Clinton is peddling out the theory that a Republican majority in the House would only help President Obama, the way it helped his presidency following the 1994 Republican sweep and takeover of the House. A CBS interview with Bob Shieffer, Mr. Clinton gave his thoughts on the issue. Published September 20 2010

  • Obama administration ducks transparency with Warren pick

    President Barack Obama managed to do an end run around the Senate again and placed Harvard law professor and liberal activist Elizabeth Warren as his choice to form the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. Published September 20 2010

  • CNBC's Santelli quietly attends tea party rallies

    The Chicago Sun Times interviewed hometown CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli, whose five minute rant about government bailouts and suggesting a "tea party" happen over at Lake Michigan a year and a half ago set off the Tea Party movement everyone knows today. Published September 19 2010

  • New 'witchy' video hits O'Donnell

    Following the release of a 1996 MTV video of a younger Christine O'Donnell who spoke out against masturbation, Delaware's Senate Republican candidate is dealing with another video from her past. In this case, Ms. O'Donnell appeared on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" in 1999, where she mentioned she "dabbled in witchcraft." Published September 19 2010

  • Pence wins Values Voter Summit Straw poll

    Congressman Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, was voted as the straw poll winner at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. on Saturday. Published September 18 2010

  • Conservatives keep hyped up at Values Voter Summit

    The Values Voter Summit kicked off in Washington D.C. on Friday morning and attendees, like at other conservative conferences in the past few months, were more than upbeat with the prospect of successful November elections. Published September 17 2010

  • The Democrats' Icon

    The new Dem logo is an icon on steroids Published September 17 2010

  • Massachusetts School children taught to pray to Allah

    Wellesley Massachusetts Public School officials are finding themselves in hot water these days since a new You Tube video was released showing a field trip of a the school's sixth grade class saying Muslim prayers at a local mosque. Published September 17 2010

  • Stupak: President has upheld executive order on abortion funding

    In the midst of a federal district judge revealing a schedule for a multi-state challenge against the Democrats' health care legislation passed in March, pro-life groups continue to monitor both the lawsuit and how tax payer funding could still fund abortion regardless of promises made from Capitol Hill in the Spring. Published September 17 2010

  • Cornyn Blasts Holder on Military Voting

    We at the Washington Times just procured a copy of this letter, in what for now seems to be an absolute exclusive. Cornyn blasts Holder on lack of help for military voting. Published September 16 2010

  • DCCC ad attacks Duffy over MTV's 'Real World'

    It didn't take long for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee roll out an ad hitting Wisconsin Republican Congressional candidate Sean Duffy, a 1997-98 cast member of MTV's "Real World Boston." The ad shows Mr. Duffy having his face powdered by a make-up artist while a narrator says he is "living it large" with Hollywood and Washington D.C. friends. Published September 16 2010

  • Rep. Holmes Norton leaves voicemail asking for lobbyist donation

    As reported last week in a previous Water Cooler post, I wrote that Andre Breitbart would be releasing audio of a Congresswoman's voicemail to a lobbyist. Mr. Breitbart's Big Government has released that voicemail this evening of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Democrat from Washington D.C., who is apparently "under pressure" to help out fellow Democrats. Published September 15 2010

  • Reid refers to Coons as 'my pet'

    The Hill is reporting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, referred to Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons as "my pet." Published September 15 2010