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Water Cooler Archive: April 2011

  • Liberals imagine 'townhall backlash'

    Hoping to replicate what tea party activists and generally fed up constituents did at Democratic lawmakers' 2009 summer townhall meetings, liberals are coordinating disruptions at Republican townhall meetings. Published April 29 2011

  • Leftists Exploit Twister Dead

    Left wing global warming alarmists are exploiting twister deaths to promote their pet theology, is anyone surprised? Published April 29 2011

  • Soros on attacks on Koch brothers: It may be a problem for them

    Hungarian born billionaire and supporter of liberal organizations and lawmakers George Soros kept his thoughts on 2012 quiet but gave a reporter a vague statement on the attacks brothers Charles and David Koch have received. Published April 28 2011

  • Superman to America -- Drop Dead

    Superman is renouncing his U.S. citizenship. Pass the kryptonite. Published April 28 2011

  • Battle with unions gets hotter

    The fight over the nation's workforce and businesses is moving towards a boiling point this summer as labor leaders and their members, state governments, private companies, and the federal government do battle over new union legislation,NLRB lawsuits, and a presidential executive order. Published April 27 2011

  • TRANSCRIPT: Gingrich addresses National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich addressed the annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast this morning in Washington. Published April 27 2011

  • Obama torpedoes Corsi book orders on Amazon

    Jerome Corsi's book titied, "Where's the Birth Certificate?" dropped from #1 last week on Amazon's best seller's list to #27 on Wednesday following the release of President Barack Obama's long form birth certificate this morning. Published April 27 2011

  • Mass. Dems stick it to the unions

    In a trend that many thought only happened in Republican dominated state legislatures, a bill was passed in the Democratic controlled, veto-proof majority, Massachusetts State House that would limit municipal employees of of their collective bargaining power. Published April 27 2011

  • Trump to Obama: Now release the school transcripts

    Donald Trump addressed reporters on Wednesday about the release of President Obama's long form birth certificate, saying he (Trump) was "very proud" of himself for "playing a role" in the birth certificate's release. Mr. Trump went on to hammer Mr. Obama on the president's college transcripts, which were never released during the 2008 campaign. Published April 27 2011

  • Trump on release of POTUS birth certificate: Today I am very proud of myself

    Real estate mogul and NBC's "The Apprentice" host Donald Trump responded to the White House release of the President's long form birth certificate today. He spoke to reporters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire proclaiming, "Today I am very proud of myself." Published April 27 2011

  • White House releases Obama's long form birth certificate

    The White House released to reporters on Wednesday morning President Barack Obama's long form birth certificate. Mr. Obama addressed the issue. Published April 27 2011

  • Earth to Bill Nelson...Adam Hasner is calling

    Florida State Rep. Adam Hasner, a Republican, announced on Mark Levin’s radio program on Monday night that he plans to run for the Florida Senate seat, currently held by Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. The Conservative Republican served eight years in the Florida House of Representatives and was chosen by fellow Republican and then Speaker of the Florida State House Marco Rubio to serve as Majority Leader of the Florida House of Representatives. Published April 26 2011

  • Communism 101 at the University

    Tony Pecinovsky, a Communist Party USA representative who is serving as the Communications Workers of America Secretary and Treasurer in St. Louis, spoke to students at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. Published April 25 2011

  • Study: Enviro-light bulbs can cause cancer

    According to a recently released German study, the supposed "environmentally friendly" compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's), are reported to have "cancer causing chemicals" that are sent out when the light is switched on. Published April 25 2011

  • Baby parts discovered in parking lot of abortion clinic

    A shocking discovery was made in El Paso, Texas on Friday morning. According to their website, pro-life activist group Live Action is reporting that one of their sidewalk counselors in the area found "dismembered" body parts of a baby at a local abortion clinic's parking lot. Published April 22 2011

  • Protesters disrupt Obama S.F. appearance

    Campaign 2012 is not going as smoothly for President Obama as he has hoped for. During an appearance Mr. Obama made at a fundraiser in San Francisco on Thursday, reports a local NBC affiliate, he was heckled by a group that calls itself the freshjuiceparty.com. Published April 21 2011

  • (video) NYC school teacher: Here's how you promote socialism in the classroom

    The Education Action Group Foundation posted the video above on Wednesday showing a March 20 teachers forum that took place recently in New York City showing, "Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teachers union leader and Megan Behrent a New York City teacher affiliated with the International Socialist Organization, explain how to push Marxism in the public school classroom. Published April 21 2011

  • Charlie Sheen's high speed DC police escort 'under investigation'

    Film and TV actor Charlie Sheen entertained an audience in Washington, D.C. at Constitution Hall on Tuesday night as part of his "Torpedo of Truth" tour and DC's Metropolitan Police Department rolled out the red carpet for Mr. Sheen by providing a police escort from Dulles airport to the show's venue downtown. Published April 20 2011

  • 'Koch Brothers' get new unhinged death threat

    Some liberals enjoy hearing one of their own voluntarily pretend to be a one of the billionaire Koch brothers who called Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this year. However, according to the Des Moines Register, a death threat and nasty calls were received by a local office supply company that shares the last name of Koch Industries Charles and David Koch. Published April 20 2011

  • EPA: Let's Rap About Climate Change

    Can socially responsible rap music help save the planet? The EPA thinks so. Published April 20 2011