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Water Cooler Archive: December 2011

  • Savage: Hey Newt, here's $1 million to quit

    Popular conservative talk-radio host Michael Savage will announce on his show today that he is offering Newt Gingrich $1 million to leave the race. Mr. Savage believes that, should Mr. Gingrich win the GOP nomination, the former House speaker will lose to President Obama — ensuring another four years of socialist rule. Published December 12 2011

  • PICKET: (VIDEO) Bachmann camp embraces some provisions of 9 - 9 -9 plan

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican and GOP presidential primary candidate, spoke optimistically about former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain's 9 - 9 - 9 tax plan on Saturday night at the GOP debate in Des Moines, iowa at Drake University. Published December 11 2011

  • PICKET: (VIDEO) Romney camp hits back at Perry as 'looking weak' over response to $10k wager remark

    Romney campaign explains $10,000 wager made with Perry on debate stage in Des Moines on Saturday Published December 11 2011

  • PICKET: (VIDEO) Santorum talks about how he learned to 'chill out' on the debate stage

    GOP presidential candidate former Senator Rick Santorum spoke to reporters after the debate at Drake University in Des Moines on Saturday night. Published December 11 2011

  • PICKET: Newt blasts Romney as a would have been 'career politician'

    Former Speaker of the House and GOP presidential candidate slammed fellow candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at the Iowa debate in Des Moines on Saturday when he responded to the Mr. Romney's criticisms of him. Published December 10 2011

  • PICKET: Pre- debate campaign quotes from Iowa

    GOP candidates for the presidency and others are in Iowa seeking support and prepping for tonight's debate in Des Moines. Here are a few quotes from the campaign trail in Iowa. Published December 10 2011

  • PICKET: Santorum picks up endorsement from IA Secretary of State

    GOP presidential primary candidate Rick Santorum picked up a key Iowa GOP endorsement on Friday. Published December 10 2011

  • PICKET: Issa compares Holder to Nixon AG Mitchell; Holder compares Issa to Joe McCarthy

    Towards the end of the Fast and Furious hearings the House Judiciary Committee held on Thursday, and insult match broke out between Congressman Darrell Issa and Justice Department Attorney General Eric Holder. Published December 8 2011

  • PICKET: Holder on DOJ - 'We don’t hire people on the basis of political or ideological affiliations'

    Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder was grilled by the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday regarding primarily the Fast and Furious gun sting operation that went awry. However, he was also asked other fundamental and general management questions about the Justice Department he heads up. Published December 8 2011

  • PICKET: House Judiciary Chair to Napolitano: Produce ICE docs or face contempt

    House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, sent another letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday demanding "a list of illegal and criminal immigrants that have been flagged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) but have not been detained or placed in removal proceedings by the agency." Published December 8 2011

  • PICKET: Santorum says former Cain supporters coming to him

    The Iowa Caucuses are only a month away and Gallup's latest GOP presidential primary tracking poll shows Mr. Santorum in 6th place in low single digits behind Michele Bachmann but ahead of Rick Santorum. While the poll was taken the week Herman Cain dropped out (Dec. 1 - 5), nevertheless Mr. Santorum continues to optimistically face an uphill battle to gain attention from Republican primary voters who eagerly became bandwagon fans to Republican campaigns that became disappointments to them later on. Published December 7 2011

  • PICKET: RNC says attacking Obama on his record is priority number one

    Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh took issue with the Republican National Committee this afternoon when he read a story from Yahoo News reporting that during a private RNC teleconference call with allies and surrogates on Tuesday, A GOP pollster stressed that attacking President Barack Obama personally would not be terribly effective, considering Mr. Obama's high favorability ratings among the public. Published December 6 2011

  • PICKET: Anti-Occupy Wall Street band prohibited from performing in Zuccotti Park

    Madison Rising, a rock band that describes itself as "pro-America" says it attempted to procure a legal permit for a live anti-Occupy Wall Street performance in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, but was ultimately denied by the park's ownership, Brookfield Properties. Published December 5 2011

  • PICKET: (audio) Trump hits back at Rove over debate remarks...calls Rove 'a loser' and 'highly overrated'

    Donald Trump did not take kindly to Karl Rove's criticism about the New York City businessman's ego being the main driver behind a GOP debate Mr. Trump is moderating among other remarks made by the former George W. Bush White House aide. Published December 5 2011

  • PICKET: Rove slams Trump on debate...calls it a 'giant ego trip' for the Donald

    Former George W. Bush aide Karl Rove appeared on Fox and Friends on Monday after Donald Trump talked to the Fox News hosts earlier in the morning. Rove tore into Mr. Trump over the December 27th Newsmax sponsored GOP presidential debate the New York City real estate mogul is slated to moderate. Published December 5 2011

  • PICKET: REPORT - Cain to endorse Newt Gingrich

    Fox 5 Atlanta is reporting that Newt Gingrich will be endorsing Herman Cain later on Monday, according to sources who say Mr. Gingrich will make the announcement later today in in Manhattan. Published December 5 2011

  • PICKET: Pawlenty takes swipe at Bachmann as Palin's 'stunt double'

    According to a tweet from The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty, former Republican presidential hopeful and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty took a shot at both GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in one sentence. Published December 3 2011

  • PICKET: Cain warming to endorse Newt?

    During former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain’s announcement that he was suspending his campaign he mentioned that he would be endorsing a Republican candidate in the near future clearly hinting he was officially ending his own campaign soon. Mr. Cain only remarked briefly about who he would endorse following a description of his newly launched organization TheCainSolution.com. Published December 3 2011

  • PICKET: Cain suspends campaign; launches Cain Solutions

    Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain stood before supporters and press in front of his newly opened Atlanta headquarters and announced he would suspend his campaign and launch Cain Solutions. Mr. Cain spent the last 24 hours with his wife Gloria and met with donors on this morning to discuss the future of his campaign. Published December 3 2011

  • PICKET: Former business partner of latest Cain accuser questions honesty of Ginger White

    Kimberly Vay, an Atlanta woman who was a former business partner and friend of Ginger White, reveals in an interview with CBS Atlanta that Ms. White, the woman who is making an allegation that she had a 13 year sexual relationship with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, cannot be trusted. Ms. Vay sued Ms. White for libel in 2011 and won the case. Published December 2 2011