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Water Cooler Archive: February 2011

  • House votes to eliminate funding for czars

    The House of Representatives voted to pass an amendment, proposed by Rep. Steve Scalise, Louisiana Republican, to the H.R. 1 budget. The amendment would effectively defund the White House Czar program. Published February 17 2011

  • Wisconsin Dems flee state to avoid union bill vote

    In order to avoid being called to debate and vote on Wisconsin Republican Governor's Scott Walker's budget, that would strip public unions of collective bargaining rights, Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers fled their state today and bussed themselves out to a local Best Western hotel in Rockford, Illinois. Published February 17 2011

  • Boehner to Obama: Call off DNC attacks in Wisconsin and lead

    U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, Ohio Republican released the following statement supporting Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who is fending off attacks from Wisconsin labor unions for legislation that strips public unions of collective bargaining rights. Published February 17 2011

  • ATR warns tax pledge signers Chambliss, Crapo, and Coburn

    Americans for tax Reform's Grover Norquist cautioned Republican Senators Chambliss of Georgia, Crapo of Idaho, and Coburn of Oklahoma about being "party to a bipartisan budget deal containing a net tax increase." Published February 17 2011

  • (Video) Chris Christie: Opposition won't force me on to an office cot

    New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie told an audience at the American Enterprise Institute on Wednesday that unlike his predecessor John Corzine, Mr. Christie does not plan to sleep on an office cot when his opposition makes demands on him. Published February 17 2011

  • Idaho House passes bill to nullify health care law

    Idaho's state House passed a bill on Wednesday that would try to nullify the federal health care law passed last year. Published February 17 2011

  • Issa goes after stupid studies in spending bill

    Rep. Darrell Issa, House Oversight Committee Chair and California Republican proposed his amendments for the H.R. 1 spending bill on Tuesday. Six amendments of Mr. Issa's show he likely rolls his eyes when hearing about dumb sounding studies that are funded by the taxpayer. Published February 16 2011

  • (video) Gov. Christie denies interest in 2012

    On Wednesday afternoon, New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie tells an an audience at the D.C. think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, he is not interested in running for the GOP nomination for president in 2012. Published February 16 2011

  • White House Using Google Ads to Defend Obama's Horrible Budget Proposal

    If you Google the title of our latest editorial, your first result is a link to Barackobama.com Published February 15 2011

  • Report: Hosni Mubarak falls into coma after final speech

    Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak has reportedly slipped into a full coma reports the Al Arabiya News Channel. Published February 14 2011

  • Ecuador vs. Chevron breaking news

    An Ecuadorean court ruled against Chevron today in a long-running, much-watched lawsuit. The judgment may not be enforceable. Published February 14 2011

  • YAF national board expels Ron Paul from advisory board

    Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) , a conservative libertarian group founded in 1960 at the estate of William F. Buckley, expelled Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, from their advisory board on Saturday. Published February 12 2011

  • ACU's Cardenas and Keene put CPAC straw poll into perspective

    The 2011 CPAC/Washington Times Presidential Straw Poll released the following results of CPAC attendees first choice to be the next Republican nominee for president and Congressman Ron Paul, Texas Republican, was this year's winner. Published February 12 2011

  • (video-full text) Mitch Daniels CPAC Speech

    Indiana Republican Governor Mitch Daniels addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday. Below the video of his address to CPAC are his remarks at CPAC's Ronald Reagan Centennial Dinner. Published February 12 2011

  • Anti-AOL/Huffpo flyers at CPAC

    Individuals at Conservative Political Action Conference appeared in the lobby of the Marriott Wardman hotel on Friday afternoon passing out flyers excoriating the Huffington Post and AOL merger. Published February 11 2011

  • Mitt Romney 2011 CPAC Speech

    Mitt Romney was introduced by his wife, Ann Romney at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday: Here is the text of Mitt Romney's CPAC 2011 speech. Published February 11 2011

  • Boehner tells tea party at CPAC: We stand and walk among you

    Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner, Ohio Republican, addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday evening after receiving the John M. Ashbrook Award. Published February 10 2011

  • Jesse Jackson's 2010 Pigford settlement meetings on Capitol Hill

    Long before anyone knew the name TImothy Pigford in 2011, Rainbow Push Coalition cvil rights activist Jesse Jackson went to Washington D.C. to discuss with Senate Democratic leadership about Mr. Pigford's 1997 discrimination lawsuit against the USDA. Published February 10 2011

  • American Conservative Union elects new chairman

    The American Conservative Union announced on Wednesday that businessman and attorney Al Cardenas was elected Chairman of the ACU on Wednesday, succeeding David Keene, who held the post since 1984. Published February 9 2011

  • CPAC Tackles (in)Justice

    CPAC will have a great panel on Eric Holder's Justice Department. I get to moderate it. Published February 9 2011