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Water Cooler Archive: February 2011

  • (AUDIO) Conyers to Planned Parenthood: Clean up your act

    Congressman John Conyers, Michigan Democrat, who is the former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and now the committee's ranking member, told me he wants Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States, to "clean up their act." Published February 9 2011

  • (AUDIO) Nadler defends Planned Parenthood

    Congressman Jerry Nadler, New York Democrat, defended Planned Parenthood on Tuesday, when I asked if the recent undercover video stings by the pro-life activist group, Live Action, would pose a problem for Democrats who are opposing pro-life legislation aimed at removing tax payer dollars from Planned Parenthood clinics. Published February 8 2011

  • Flashback: Obama's under the radar '09 meeting with Muslim Brotherhood members

    In a previous post, I noted that Egyptian news service initially reported in 2009 that President Barack Obama met with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington, DC two months earlier. Published February 7 2011

  • Obama: Egyptians won't allow repressive government into power

    President Barack Obama spoke to Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly on Sunday evening and remained confident that the likely changes in Egypt's leadership would not evolve into a repressive government. Published February 7 2011

  • Reagan at 100 - The humor and wit of Ronald Reagan

    Celebrating his 100th birthday this week, the Water Cooler has more quotes from the great communicator Ronald Reagan. Published February 4 2011

  • Mike Pence urges Congress to deny Planned Parenthood funding

    In the wake of the Live Action video stings of Planned Parenthood clinics, Congressman Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, has called on Congress to deny any tax payer funding to Planned Parenthood. Published February 3 2011

  • Liberals at Koch protest: Hang Justice Thomas

    Big Government's Christian Hartsock took video of liberal protesters at a Common Cause rally in Palm Springs who said U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be lynched. Published February 3 2011

  • Second video shows Planned Parenthood helping underage sex ring

    Live Action, a pro-life organization dedicated to producing video stings of Planned Parenthood operations, released a video this morning, similar to one they posted recently, of a Planned Parenthood clinic apparently aiding an underage sex ring. Published February 3 2011

  • Reagan at 100 - On FDR, prayer, God, pragmatism, smoking

    Celebrating his 100th birthday this week, the Water Cooler has more quotes from the great communicator Ronald Reagan. Published February 3 2011

  • Egyptian protester: We don't want Muslim Brotherhood to 'hijack' our protests

    The protests in Egypt have become more intense as acts of violence by pro-Mubarak have reportedly infiltrated the massive gathering of individuals speaking out against the Hosni Mubarak government. I interviewed a young Egyptian protester, by phone on Wednesday, Cynthia Farahat, who described herself as a "conservative in the American sense of the word." She told me that supporters of Mubarak are stirring up violence by assaulting those who are protesting the government. Published February 3 2011

  • (Video) Protesters to Amanpour: We hate America

    ABC News reporter Christiane Amanpour spoke with pro-Mubarak protesters in Cairo on Wednesday (h/t Politico): Christiane Amanpour had a tense confrontation with pro-Mubarak protesters in Cairo today. One of them tells her, “We hate America” because Americans are not good people, and asks her to leave. Published February 2 2011

  • Obama Administration: Room for Muslim Brotherhood in reformed Egyptian government

    If the Obama administration really believes the Muslim Brotherhood "will reject violence and recognize democratic goals" just because the United States says so, they must be seriously kidding themselves. Predictably, this American liberal administration chose appeasement instead of strength in the face of a dangerous power. The description below gives a detailed account as to what exactly the Muslim Brotherhood is all about. The organization has not only supported terrorist activity but one of its alleged officials is listed as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation and Relief Trial. Published February 1 2011

  • Reagan at 100 - Reagan on right to life

    Pat Buchanan told Human Events in 2006 how President Reagan would talk about pro-life issues with his senior staff, who he knew, according to Mr. Buchanan, "were not with him on this." Published February 1 2011

  • Reagan at 100 - Johnny Ramone on Reagan

    Late punk rock guitarist Johnny Ramone of The Ramones told the Washington Times in 2004 his thoughts on Ronald Reagan. Published February 1 2011

  • New Mexico Governor rescinds state's sanctuary status

    New Mexico Republican Governor Susana Martinez announced Monday she signed an executive order that rescinded the "sanctuary status for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in New Mexico while protecting victims and witnesses of criminal acts." Published February 1 2011