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Water Cooler Archive: January 2011

  • (VIDEO) Court: Individual mandate is unconstitutional-whole health care act is void

    Fox News Channel and Bloomberg are reporting that a Florida District Court has ruled that the new health care law has been ruled unconstitutional and void on Monday. Published January 31 2011

  • Comparing 1979 to 2011 images gives clues to Egypt's future

    It is not hard to compare the fragile political landscape in Egypt right now to where Iran was in the late 1970's. The Washington Times editorial page has a new piece out this morning describing that the players are not only similar in the Middle East but also in the United States. Published January 31 2011

  • Oliver Stone on Chavez: He's an honest man

    Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone defended dictator Hugo Chavez as an "honest man" with "no corruption" to a group of Pepperdine University students last week, when he addressed an audience about his pro-Chavez film "South of the Border," reports the Malibu Times. Published January 31 2011

  • Priceless items looted from Egypt's museums

    National Geographics is reporting museums throughout Egypt are being looted by thieves taking advantage of the present anarchism in the country. Published January 31 2011

  • We remember what liberals said and what they really think about Ronald Reagan

    President Ronald Wilson Reagan's 100th birthday is coming up early next week, and it is no coincidence that President Obama's admirers in the media are trying to compare Mr. Obama to the late Mr. Reagan. Published January 28 2011

  • (AUDIO) Sebelius on waivers: We grant waivers to more than 90 percent who apply

    Nearly 800 unions and companies are now exempt from the new health care law as a result of being granted a waiver by Health and Human Services. The Senate Health, Labor, and Pensions Committee held a hearing on Thursday morning and questioned HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius about the impact of the new health care law. Published January 27 2011

  • Liberals make Bachmann enemy number one

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, has never been a favorite of liberal pundits and commentators. Groups like moveon.org and the Daily Kos have been taking shots at her for some time now. However, some are wondering if she has plans for 2012. She traveled to Iowa last week, and later gave her response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union to the Tea Party Express. It is no surprise she angers up the left into a complete frenzy. Published January 27 2011

  • State of the Union speech meant to resurrect Obama campaign '08 vibe

    Make no mistake. President Obama's State of the Union Speech was only about his 2012 re-election campaign. Published January 26 2011

  • SOTU 2011 Live Blog

    State of the Union 2011 Live Blog Published January 25 2011

  • New SOTU seating causing jr. high school headaches

    The State of the Union traditionally has lawmakers from both chambers sitting in the House chamber solely with their Party on one side of the aisle. If the president is a Republican, it is expected that the GOP side of the aisle will make standing ovations for the president's remarks more often than the Democratic side would. The reverse is when the president is a Democrat. From a birds-eye view, it is simply one side of the room making the noise and doing the standing most of the time. Published January 25 2011

  • Pro-life leaders accept awards to further work

    Right to Life's UN representative Jeane Head was one of six recipients of a pro-life award from Life Prizes on Saturday. Ms. Head told the audience about her work, where she works with UN member nations to keep abortion from being recognized as an international human right. Published January 24 2011

  • Self-proclaimed pro-life Democratic senator says little about pro-life march

    Self-professed pro-life Democrat Robert Casey has little to say about annual pro-life march on Washington. Published January 24 2011

  • Cantor: Maybe the SOTU 'sitting thing is a first step'

    Congressman Eric Cantor, Virginia Republican talks about who he is willing to sit next to at the State of the Union on Tuesday. Published January 24 2011

  • 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade brings pro-lifers to D.C.

    Pro-life movement leaders and activists are in Washington this weekend to mark the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade--a court decision that legalized abortion across the nation. The annual march for life will happen on Monday, but before the march, pro-life activists are gathering together. On Saturday night, Life Prizes, an initiative of the Gerard Health Foundation and a private charity foundation, will be giving awards to activists within the movement that looks to eventually overturn Roe v. Wade. Published January 22 2011

  • Olbermann leaves Chris Matthews off 'thank you' list on final show

    In a surprise moment on MSNBC's Countdown, Keith Olbermann said good-bye to his MSNBC audience on Friday evening for the final time, and he could not blame Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, nor George W. Bush. Published January 22 2011

  • Hawaii Senate becomes first legislative body to end daily prayer

    Hawaii lawmakers halted the daily prayer in the state's chambers out of fear of a court challenge from the ACLU. Published January 21 2011

  • State of the Union new seating proposal draws criticism and yawns

    President Barack Obama will address both chambers of Congress on Tuesday at the State of the Union Address. It has been reported that members of both parties are thinking about mixing it up across the aisle, so Democrats and Republicans will sit among each other as opposed to the traditional seating arrangement that would have both parties segregated from one another. Published January 20 2011

  • (AUDIO) Steve Cohen stands by remarks; Steve King on Cohen: There he goes again

    On Wednesday night during the House health care law repeal vote, I asked Mr. Cohen about his controversial Tuesday night remarks, and if he stood by them. Published January 19 2011

  • Herman Cain to address CORE MLK dinner in New York

    Radio talk show host Herman Cain recently announced his intention to form a presidential exploratory committee for the 2012 Republican nomination. He will be at the Congress for Racial Equality’s (CORE) annual Martin Luther King Jr. dinner in New York City this evening. The former CEO of the multi-million dollar restaurant chain Godfather's Pizza is no newcomer to politics. I spoke to Mr. Cain late last week and asked what motivated him to start laying out the groundwork for a presidential run in ’12. Published January 17 2011

  • Draft Pence for 2012 movement launches online

    In light of curious buzz surrounding Rep. Mike Pence's future, a new group called America’s President Committee launched early Monday morning. Published January 17 2011