The Washington Times - March 29, 2011, 01:13PM

The Chicago Sun Times published a piece on Saturday touching upon a story Breitbart’s Big Government has been studying for some time now. According to the Sun-Times

The Illinois State Police has opened an investigation into a former chief of Gov. Quinn’s security detail who abruptly resigned this month after allegedly exhibiting erratic behavior.

Kenneth Snider, 49, stepped down from his post as supervisor of Quinn’s south security detail on March 18, the same day of an “altercation” he had with at least one college student in a downstate Carlinville bar, police sources said.

Carlinville’s police chief told the Sun-Times on Friday that Snider was involved in an apparent bar fight and his police department had turned over the matter to the State Police for investigation.

“My agency received a call for assistance from Mr. Ken Snider pretty much at 1 in the morning on the 18th due to an altercation at the Anchor Inn,” Police Chief David Haley said, referring to the bar where the fight occurred.

“My office responded, spoke to a bartender, Mr. Snider, a couple other people. Basically, we did a short preliminary investigation and [later that day] … I contacted the Illinois State Police and referred it to them for investigation.”

The owner of the Carlinville bar, who did not want to be identified, said Snider and a student at the town’s Blackburn College were involved in the altercation.

Asked if there was a racial component to their dispute, the owner told the Sun-Times “you’re probably on the right track,” but declined to discuss the matter further.

“We have not disclosed the person under investigation or specifics regarding the investigation, other than the fact the Illinois State Police is conducting an investigation involving one of our off-duty officers,” State Police Master Sgt. Isaiah Vega said.


Dan Riehl of Big Government points out several reports noting Mr. Snider’s $132,000 a year salary as the head of Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn’s State police security detail. Illinois State Police (ISP) spokesman Captain Scott Compton would not confirm if Mr. Snider was being investigated by ISP, despite reports of Chief Haley saying Mr. Snider was involved with the “altercation,” but Mr. Compton confirmed to me on Monday that Mr. Snider resigned from ISP force.

“The state police never confirmed that the investigation we are conducting of one of our off-duty sworn officers at the time is actually that of Ken Snider. We actually don’t identify the subjects of investigation until criminal charges are brought up if that does occur. So we’ve never, as an agency, confirmed that we have an investigation on Ken Snider,” said Captain Snider.

He added, “The person that’s being investigated… I’m not going to confirm that, but Ken Snyder used to work for the Illinois State police and was assigned to an executive protection detail.”

Interestingly, though a bar fight was reported to have happened at the Anchor Inn on St. Patrick’s day, no arrests were ever made. Captain Compton could not explain why local police made no arrests.”The State Police wasn’t notified about it until after the fact,” he said.

I contacted the local police force and was told Chief Haley would not be available to answer any questions, as he was conveniently out for the week.

Captain Compton also did not want to confirm that any racial aspect of the incident existed either, telling me only:

“All aspects of the investigation will be considered. I personally have not because I have not heard any specifics about the investigation.”

The ISP spokesman also could not acknowledge reports about Mr. Snider’s involvement with the local Democratic Party.