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Water Cooler Archive: March 2011

  • Barack Obama: Losing $84 billion big success

    Barack Obama has some 'splaining to do about tax payers' profitable "investment" in General Motors. It turns out the president is imagining things. Published March 31 2011

  • Gasoline up 100% under Obama

    Feeling pain at the pump? Gas prices have doubled since Mr. Obama took office. Published March 30 2011

  • D.C. liberal organization offers no pay for 'equal pay' video participation

    If you thought flash mobs, large activist groups who appear at a moment's notice to protest something or someone in a public place, do not practice their moves, think again. An e-mail from the Washington D.C. based liberal organization Center for American Progress Action Fund was sent to their supporters on Tuesday asking folks to meet up for "two rehearsals for the Flash Mob." Published March 30 2011

  • (video) Rumsfeld on 'kill team' photos: 'Much worse' than Abu Ghraib

    In an interview with the Washington Times, Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense for President George W. Bush, gave his thoughts on the recent release of the Afghanistan kill team photos. Published March 29 2011

  • Illinois state police remain tight lipped on alleged racial incident

    The Chicago Sun Times published a piece on Saturday touching upon a story Breitbart’s Big Government has been studying for some time now. According to the Sun-Times: "The Illinois State Police has opened an investigation into a former chief of Gov. Quinn’s security detail who abruptly resigned this month after allegedly exhibiting erratic behavior. Kenneth Snider, 49, stepped down from his post as supervisor of Quinn’s south security detail on March 18, the same day of an “altercation” he had with at least one college student in a downstate Carlinville bar, police sources said." Published March 29 2011

  • Cash for Clunkers 2: The Return of Government Motors

    Ready for another cash for clunkers program? It looks like General Motors is attempting to replace it's own consumer incentives with tax payer money. The car company, bailed out of bankruptcy in 2009 by the American tax payer, appears to be turning the government into an automatic rebate provider. Published March 29 2011

  • Huckabee re-tweets favorable shout-out from Van Jones

    Former Arkansas Governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee may have just gotten a wet kiss via a tweet from a controversial former Obama administration czar the former governor later re-tweeted. This will likely not help Mr. Huckabee in a 2012 presidential campaign. Commenters on a conservative forum are wondering about Mr. Huckabee now. Published March 28 2011

  • Biden vacations in Aspen amid Libya questions and Florida reporter's detainment

    On the eve of President Barack Obama's address to the nation on U.S. military action in Libya and a recent story about a local Florida reporter who was locked in a storage closet during a fundraiser he attended for Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, Vice President Joe Biden can only be found vacationing in the ritzy resort city of Aspen, Colorado, reports the Aspen Times. Published March 28 2011

  • (Video) Bloomberg swings out as Spider-Man at annual NYC roast

    New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg appeared as Spider-Man in the annual Inner Circle performance, an event that includes the roasting of both New York politicians and press alike. Published March 27 2011

  • Westboro church plans protest of Ferraro funeral

    It looks like the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, known for picketing military funerals and public persons, plans on protesting recently deceased New York Congresswoman and Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferarro. Published March 26 2011

  • Geraldine Ferraro passes away at 75

    Geraldine Ferraro, a New York Congresswoman and first female vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket, died last night. Ms. Ferraro was 75 years old. According to reports Ms. Ferraro died of blood cancer. Published March 26 2011

  • Rangel on Libya: 'Congress should have been consulted'

    Congressman Charlie Rangel, New York Democrat, joined a growing number of members in his party who are critical of President Barack Obama for not consulting Congress before the President ordered the U.S. military to take action against Libya Published March 25 2011

  • (video) Obama to Bush '07: You do not have Congressional authorization to attack Iran

    In the video above, then Senator Barack Obama gave his thoughts on the Bush administration's possible military action in Iran that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, later introduced in the Senate for Mr. Obama on November 1, 2007. Mr. Obama is making his speech, on September 12, 2007 in Clinton, Iowa. Published March 25 2011

  • Atheist Newdow ditches six year anti - 'under God' pledge of allegiance lawsuit

    Dr. Michael Newdow, an Atheist activist, has given up his six year legal fight that he hoped would have restricted California school children from saying "under God" when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, reports Catholic Lane Published March 23 2011

  • I was bullied

    Stopping bullies has become a prime focus on the political front, recently. It is no surprise people worldwide reacted to an Australian student who stood up for himself after being bullied by another. Bullying is a practice that has existed since the beginning. The Jewish and Christian faiths reference the biblical stories from Genesis of Cain and Abel as well as Joseph and his brothers as the earliest examples of bullying. Individuals are likely able to remember a time when he or she was bullied, was the bully, or witnessed someone being bullied. The experience for the bullied victim can take not only a physical toll but also an emotional one that will last long into adulthood. I should know. I clearly recall the days of being bullied and harassed during my grade school and middle school years. Published March 22 2011

  • Obama to Boehner on Libya : The U.N. gave us the ok

    President Barack Obama sent Speaker of the House John Boehner, Ohio Republican, a letter stating the administration's move to begin muliti-lateral military operations in Libya as a result of authorization from United Nation's Security Council. I have bolded areas in the letter to show Mr. Obama's justification for this military operation as a result of only U.N. authorization. Published March 22 2011

  • Believing fairy tales about civil-rights law enforcement

    If the federal government will be prosecuting bullying cases under civil rights laws going forward, how can all American people be so confident that the cases will be considered fairly, given the history of both the Justice Department in recent years and the point of view about the intention of civil rights laws from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Commission? Believing everyone should get a fair shot under the law is nice to think, but it is not the reality. Published March 21 2011

  • DOJ to white male bullying victims: Tough luck

    The viral video sensation showing a bullying incident at an Australian school has brought the issue of bullying back into the spotlight. Here in the United States, the Obama administration has made school bullying a federal issue. Last week, President Barack Obama addressed an anti-bullying conference with First Lady Michelle Obama at his side. The administration's anti-bullying campaign has been ongoing since the beginning of Mr. Obama's term. The Department of Justice announced in December 2010 its intention to hold liable school districts that fail to protect students that are bullied. Published March 18 2011

  • (video) Dem Congressman attempts to ban federal spending on Fox News

    Rep. James McGovern, Massachusetts Democrat, argued that Fox News should not receive federal funding through ad campaigns from the federal government. His amendment to do so failed in committee. The bill to defund NPR passed the House 228 to 192 on Thursday afternoon. Published March 17 2011

  • Video: Rep Slaughter concerned for Big Bird's safety

    Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, New York Democrat, went to the floor of the House on Thursday to argue against the bill that would remove federal funding of NPR. Ms. Slaughter equated the defunding of NPR to killing Sesame Street characters like Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie. The bill to de-fund NPR passed the House 228 to 192. Published March 17 2011