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Water Cooler Archive: March 2011

  • NPR seeks funding from Sharia backers

    The Washington Times' Kerry Picket has obtained the complete 2-hour video of the latest sting by James O'Keefe in which a representative of the pro-Sharia, but entirely fictitious ,“Muslim Education Action Center” sits down with NPR's chief fundraiser, Ron Schiller (no relation to Vivian), for a two-hour lunch at Cafe Milano. Mr. Schiller allegedly agreed to the meeting in the hopes of landing a large donation from the group that told Mr. Schiller it had ties to the violent Muslim Brotherhood. Published March 7 2011

  • Michael Moore, a hypocritical union buster

    While liberals cheer left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore for his remarks on Saturday in Wisconsin, the supposed pro-union filmmaker still has much to explain about his own union busting history. Published March 7 2011

  • Paul Ryan mistakenly saved union sweetheart deal

    In a key budget vote a couple of weeks ago, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan now says he mistakenly saved "Project Labor Agreements." Published March 6 2011

  • Is Inhofe "Cool"?

    Sen. James Inhofe garners an award for fighting global warming alarmists. Published March 6 2011

  • Ohio Senate passes proposal to limit collective bargaining

    The Ohio senate passed a proposal on Wednesday that would limit public union employees collective bargaining power. The vote on Senate Bill 5 legislation was close passing the chamber 17 to 16. The legislation is designed to change 27 years of collective bargaining law in Ohio. The bill now goes to the state house for a vote. Published March 3 2011

  • Ohio state GOP lawmaker outlines reforms on union law

    Amid 7500 protesters at Ohio's capitol building in Columbus, state senators sat in a committee hearing on Tuesday to discuss the legislation from the chamber that would reform the state's 27-year old collective bargaining law. Republican Senator Shannon Jones, sponsor of an omnibus amendment to the much debated Senate Bill 5, outlined the key provisions of the amendment. For those unaware of what Ohio Republican lawmakers are looking to change in the state's collective bargaining law, Ms. Jones spelled it out clearly on Tuesday afternoon. Published March 1 2011