The Washington Times - May 31, 2011, 03:27PM

Congressman Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, likely hopes the story surrounding his Twitter account and a lewd photo that was publicly sent to a college girl in Seattle from it would go away, but when the New York Representative has been known in local gossip pages to date fashion models when he was single and carry around a surname that can only invite double entendres in New York City’s popular tabloids, the speculation about what happened is not going away anytime soon.


Mr. Weiner refused to answer questions from reporters on Tuesday morning in Washington D.C., telling everyone to “move on.” Ed Morrisey at Hot Air finds Rep. Weiner’s response odd, saying:

“One would expect some pretty emphatic denials from a wronged politician, including a demand to track down the culprits of a political dirty trick. A “let’s move along, nothing to see here” attitude at least suggests that Weiner isn’t terribly anxious for an investigation, which raises questions of its own.” 

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, does not believe the Twitter story will hurt Mr. Weiner or the Party. “Somebody hacked into his Twitter account and projected material which can happen, I guess, to anybody, which was not generated by Mr. Weiner. It’s unfortunate. Mr. Weiner is pursuing the proper authorities to see if it can be determined who hacked into it,” he said during a pen and pad session on Tuesday. “I understand that it’s (hacking into a Twitter account) is an illegal activity and the proper authorities ought to pursue it.”