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Water Cooler Archive: September 2011

  • PICKET: GOP presidential candidate debate primer

    The fourth GOP presidential debate is tonight at the Reagan Library. Here are few things to keep in mind. Published September 7 2011

  • PICKET: NY Dem Assemblyman crosses party lines and endorses NY GOP candidate for Weiner's old seat

    New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) crossed party lines on Wednesday to endorse Republican candidate Bob Turner for New York's 9th Congressional District seat over fellow Democrat Assemblyman Davd Weprin. Published September 7 2011

  • PICKET: Coulter takes on Palin's base

    A raw nerve was struck among Sarah Palin supporters on Tuesday night when Ann Coulter, conservative author and columnist, did the unfathomable. She criticized former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on Fox News. Joining Laura Ingraham, who was subbing for Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor, Coulter compared Palin's supporters to those who follow President Obama blindly. Published September 7 2011

  • PICKET: Obama proclaims he's 'proud' of Jimmy Hoffa Jr. after teamster prez threatens tea party

    Shortly before President Barack Obama spoke to the labor unions in Detroit, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. warmed up the audience and harshly attacked the Tea Party movement Published September 5 2011

  • PICKET: Palin attacks political polls:'for strippers and cross country skiers'

    No presidential bid for the White House was made by former Governor Sarah Palin in Indianola, Iowa today. However, the former vice presidential candidate went after political opinion poll saying, “usually polls are for strippers and cross country skiers.” Published September 3 2011

  • PICKET: '05 Kelo decision a failure; CT site remains a dump

    Should it be any surprise that six years after the horrible landmark Supreme Court's 2005 case Kelo v. City of New London, which brought about the decision that governments could seize private property for the sole reason of "economic development," the Fort Trumbull site in question is today a total dump, where "economic development" by the local government has ceased to ever happen? Published September 3 2011

  • MILLER: Rumsfeld on China's problems, one child policy

    Donald Rumsfeld says he's not overly worried about China. "I read all this stuff about China like it's forty feet high," the former Defense Secretary said in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Convention in Alaska. "China's got troubles." He listed the major troubles facing the Asian giant, including: Border problems with Russia, India and Vietnam; military power over the government; the disparity between the coast and the inner part of the country; diverse ethnic groups in the country; government corporations and the one-baby policy. Published September 2 2011

  • PICKET: AP '08 Flashback - Deja Vu 'Obama says he didn't know aunt was living in U.S.'

    The reaction from the president about his uncle is no different than his reaction about his Aunt Zeituni, Onyango's sister. Published September 2 2011

  • PICKET: Obama's labor relation board imposes new notification rules

    The administration's National Labor Relation Board has brought about new rules in the work place as we head into labor day weekend. Published September 2 2011

  • EXCLUSIVE: MILLER: Rumsfeld on Libya and Syria

    EXCLUSIVE: Don Rumsfeld may be out of Washington, but he's got a keen eye on foreign policy and national security. The former secretary of defense in the administration of President George W. Bush believes that the Obama administration's mistakes in Syria and Libya stem from lack of leadership, not having a clear mission and faulty coalition building. Published September 2 2011

  • PICKET: NY amusement park faces likely legal battle over Muslim headscarfs

    As a result of a brawl (video above) that broke out at their amusement park, Westchester New York's Rye Playland, could be facing legal issues from local Muslims. Published September 1 2011

  • PICKET: Gibson Guitar CEO - Obama admin told us our problems would 'go away' if we used foreign labor

    U.S. authorities raided Gibson Guitars recently over the instrument maker's use of allegedly illegal imports of wood. According to a Wall Street Journal interview, though, Henry Juszkiewicz, chief executive officer of Gibson contends, "a broker probably made a mistake in labeling the goods but that the sale was legal and approved by Indian authorities." Published September 1 2011

  • PICKET: Obama agrees to move joint session date

    President Barack Obama cedes to Speaker John Boehner's suggestion to have a joint session of Congress next Thursday instead of next Wednesday. Published September 1 2011