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Water Cooler Archive: August 2012

  • PICKET: RNC Chair wants Akin to 'step aside' and not come to convention

    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus appeared on CNN on Monday evening and spoke to Erin Burnett about the controversial statements made by Rep. Todd Akin, Missouri Republican, regarding rape. He called for Mr. Akin, who is running for Senate against Democrat Claire McCaskill, to "step aside and let someone else run for that office." Chairman Priebus also said that he "prefer that Todd Akin do the right thing for our party and our candidates" and "not come" to the upcoming RNC Convention in Tampa. Published August 20 2012

  • PICKET: Allen West condemns Akin's remarks about rape

    In the midst of GOP members calling for Rep. Todd Akin, Missouri Republican, to leave the Senate race against Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat. Rep. Allen West, Florida Republican, posted a brief statement on his Facebook page condemning Mr. Akin's remarks about rape. Published August 20 2012

  • PICKET: Obama camp - Morning zoo radio 'equally important' for president to talk to

    President Barack Obama is sticking to the easy stuff, when it comes to questions from the media. Guaranteeing he will not be asked about high unemployment, the economy, Syria, Afghanistan, Vice President Joe Biden's gaffes, or even possibly dropping Joe Biden from the ticket, the Obama campaign is booking Obama on morning "zoo" radio shows, Entertainment Tonight, and People Magazine. Published August 19 2012

  • PICKET:Obama camp - We are intentionally limiting crowd size at rallies

    The presumptive GOP presidential and vice presidential nominees Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan are attracting thousands of supporters to their campaign rallies since Mr. Romney named Mr. Ryan to the bottom of the ticket. However, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are not drawing the crowds they once could. The New York Times reported that the Obama campaign said that it is intentionally limiting crowd size at their events because of security and cost. Published August 18 2012

  • PICKET: Campaign stories four years later show Obama camp can't keep up with former image

    If someone in the distant future who never experienced the past 4 years of Barack Obama's presidential campaigns and first term and simply compared news stories of his presidential campaign in August 2012 as opposed to August stories from his presidential run in 2008, it would make that person wonder how Mr. Obama could squander so much political capital, with the help of a loving media, in such a short period of time. Check out these headlines from the months of August 2008 and August 2012 and see for yourself. Published August 17 2012

  • PICKET: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - $480k for language services for two entry level staffers

    The Washington D.C. based legal watchdog group Judicial Watch announced on Wednesday that it obtained documents, through to two separate Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, showing that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau spent $479,354 for sign language translation services, that assisted two entry level staffers and a "Banking Law Fundamentals" class at George Washington University for the agency's top attorneys. Published August 16 2012

  • GREEN: In reporting shooting, ABC News confuses FRC with Focus on the Family

    All those target-worthy, right-wing groups apparently are the same to ABC news. In reporting a shooting at Family Research Council's Washington, DC, headquarters, reporter Jason Ryan headlined a piece entitled "Gunman shoots guard at James Dobson's Group's DC Office." Published August 15 2012

  • PICKET: Human Rights Campaign posted Ryan would speak at 'hate group's annual conference' day before shooting at FRC

    One day before the shooting at the Washington D.C. based Family Research Council's offices, that resulted in their security guard being shot in the arm, the Human Rights Campaign posted on their blog, their objection to Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan for his scheduled speaking engagement before FRC's annual Values Voter Summit in September. Published August 15 2012

  • PICKET: Paul Ryan critic Mark McKinnon ran GWB on 'compassionate conservatism'

    Politico reported on Tuesday some anonymous GOP consultant quotes critical of GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney for choosing Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate. One particular consultant who went on the record was Mark McKinnon who said of Romney's decision to choose Ryan. Published August 15 2012

  • PICKET:(VIDEO) Biden says 'We can win North Carolina' while campaigning in Virginia

    Vice President Joe Biden did it again. While on the campaign trail in Danville, Virginia on Tuesday Biden remarked to Virginia Democratic supporters, "..that with you, and I mean this ladies and gentlemen. With you, we can win North Carolina again and if we do, we win the election, if we win you." Published August 14 2012

  • PICKET: Video - Clinton told Ryan he 'hoped' Dems won't use '11 Hochul win as excuse to do 'nothing' on medicare

    In this video below, following the Republican defeat in western New York, Bill Clinton approached Wisconsin's representative Paul Ryan, the now GOP vice presidential nominee, and discussed the race along with his concern that Democrats will use the NY 26 win as an "excuse" to do "nothing" about Medicare. Published August 13 2012

  • PICKET: Retirees are top donors to Ryan

    Rep. Paul Ryan, the VP pick on the GOP presidential ticket, has been attacked for his budget plan that includes a solution to the medicare crisis that will not affect current seniors. However, Mr. Ryan has raised more money from those who are retired than any other member of the House. Published August 13 2012

  • PICKET: Gallup - Republicans more engaged in 2012 campaign than Democrats

    Gallup is currently reporting that Republicans are more actively engaged in the 2012 campaign than Democrats. Published August 13 2012

  • PICKET: Issa files civil action against Holder

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, California Republican, filed a civil action on Monday in Federal District Court for the District of Columbia to force U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to release documents related to the now defunct Operation Fast and Furious Mr. Issa's committee ask for by subpoenaed on October 11, 2011. Published August 13 2012

  • PICKET: NY26 special election GOP loss a result of fake tea party spoiler not GOP support of Ryan budget plan

    Too many people keep pointing to the Democrats’ Congressional win in the New York 26 special election in the western part of the state as proof that when political ads show granny going over the cliff as a result of Paul Ryan’s budget plan, Republicans will lose. However, the claim is terribly flawed. Published August 12 2012

  • PICKET: Ryan's generation x-cellent

    Born in 1970, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is the first generation X’er to be on a national ticket. Since the 1990’s my fellow generation X'ers have been an often overlooked group of individuals compared to the older and much larger generation of baby boomers and the World War II generation. Published August 11 2012

  • GREEN: Flashback: Paul Ryan 'Obama presidency disappointing failure'

    Congressman Paul Ryan's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 10 was good preparation for the role he will play as Republican presumptive-nominee Gov. Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate. He methodically removed President Barack Obama's excuses for his terrible record in discussing Mr. Obama's "failure" in leadership. Published August 11 2012

  • GREEN: Senate leaders react to Ryan

    The top leaders of the U.S. Senate reacted today to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney's choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Published August 11 2012

  • PICKET: Romney picks Paul Ryan for VP

    Before the World War II U.S.S. Battleship Wisconsin Mitt Romney on Saturday announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Published August 11 2012

  • PICKET: No tears from any Dems over stripping welfare work requirements

    Presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is going after President Obama for gutting the work requirements, the centerpiece of the 1996 welfare reform legislation, via executive order. The directive is to be administered through Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The new policy initiative, that was quietly installed on July 12, allows HHS to waive the work requirements for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Published August 10 2012