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Water Cooler Archive: June 2012

  • PICKET: (AUDIO) DNC's Wasserman Schultz response to profane Obamacare tweets- 'Have a nice day'

    Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democrat and Chair of the Democratic National Committee, only offered up a "have a nice day" before she climbed into a black SUV and closed the door, when I asked about DNC staffers' profane tweets after the Supreme Court released it's ruling to uphold the healthcare law mandate as a tax. Published June 29 2012

  • PICKET: Mukasey on intel leak investigator pick: 'This was the guy who came up with Biden'

    Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey addressed the New York Young Republican Club on Wednesday evening at the club’s annual dinner. The former George W. Bush AG did not discuss the “fast and furious” scandal in his speech other than briefly implying that Attorney General Eric Holder, the center of the storm of the botched gun walking operation investigation, would be the subject of House contempt charges the following day. Published June 29 2012

  • PICKET: Ann Coulter's warning against Roberts went unheeded

    In the midst of Republicans' frustrations of Senate Democratic filibusters of President George W. Bush's judicial nominees, the Bush administration scrambled to find a judicial nominee who could make it through the now rough confirmation process but be an acceptable choice to conservatives. Published June 29 2012

  • PICKET: Pelosi to boycott Holder contempt vote

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, joined her Congressional Black Caucus colleagues and announced on the House floor that she would boycott the contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. Published June 28 2012

  • PICKET: Obamacare mandate survives...as a tax

    The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Democrat passed Affordable Care Act's health care mandate constitutional. Despite mass predictions that Chief Justice John Roberts would side with the four other more conservative justices on the high court, Roberts voted with the court's liberal half and the mandate survived as a tax. Published June 28 2012

  • PICKET: Could Obamacare passed student loan provisions be struck down too?

    Perhaps one major part of Obama’s health care law that could fall on Thursday, if the Supreme Court rules the health care legislation’s mandate is unconstitutional will be student loan reform provisions known as the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) that were passed in the Senate via the Affordable Care Act through a further Senate parliamentary procedure known as budget reconciliation. Published June 28 2012

  • PICKET: (VIDEO) NC Dem to vote for contempt against Holder

    Rep. Mike McIntyre, North Carolina Democrat, said on Wednesday he would "probably vote for" contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday. Other Democrats are expected to vote for contempt charges against AG Holder for the Attorney General's failure to deliver documentation, relating to the fast and furious gun walking operation, that was subpoenaed of him from the House Oversight Committee. Published June 27 2012

  • WISER: Criticism of Romney's tenure at Bain off the mark

    The New York Times published an article Saturday scrutinizing the investments of Bain Capital, the private equity firm co-founded by Mitt Romney in 1984. The piece was critical of Bain's actions with regard to seven companies that eventually went bankrupt during Romney's tenure at the firm between 1984 and 1999. Published June 27 2012

  • GREEN: Democrat Congressman to vote for Holder contempt charge

    Rep. Jim Matheson, Utah Democrat, broke ranks with the Obama administration over operation Fast and Furious, pledging to vote in favor of holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. Published June 27 2012

  • PICKET: Who are the 'Teavangelicals' ?

    Those of you in Washington on Wednesday morning can come by the National Press Club at 10:00 am in the Zenger room. I'll be on a panel with other Washington D.C. journalists, and we will be talking with CBN reporter David Brody about his new book, The Teavangelicals: The Inside Story of How Evangelicals and the Tea Party are Taking Back America. Published June 27 2012

  • PICKET: Minus retiring Rep. Towns Dems save face in NY-8 primary

    Democrats all over the country are breathing a sigh of relief tonight, because former New York City councilman and Black Panther Charles Barron lost the New York 8th Congressional Democratic primary to New York Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. With over 94% of the precincts reporting, Assemblyman Jeffries crushed former Councilman Barron 72 to 28 percent. Published June 27 2012

  • PICKET: Dems fearful of potential former KKK leader endorsed Dem win in NY primary

    Politico is reporting Democrats are scrambling to make sure that former Black Panther and New York City Councilman Charles Barron does not win the Democratic primary today. His primary opponent, Hakeem Jeffries, reportedly already knew Barron was competitive enough to win New York’s newly drawn 8th CD. An open seat became available when Democrat Edolphus Towns decided to retire. Barron won Towns's endorsement. Published June 26 2012

  • PICKET: Obama - I will be first president to be outspent in modern history

    President Barack Obama's campaign sent out the following e-mail to his supporters today: "I will be the first president in modern history to be outspent in his re-election campaign, if things continue as they have so far." Published June 26 2012

  • PICKET:Former Rep. Alan Grayson guns for Capitol Hill again

    Former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson, a Democrat, is running for office again. Grayson is in a Democratic primary for the newly redrawn FL-9th CD. As opposed to his previous district that leaned more conservative, the district leans heavily Democrat. Southern Political Report is predicting whoever comes out of the Dem primary will “likely” win the general. Published June 26 2012

  • Cato's president forced to step down

    The Cato Institute's co-founder and president, Edward Crane, has been forced out by the libertarian organization’s board of directors, according to inside sources. John A. Allison, former chairman and CEO of BB&T Corporation, will take over as interim president. Published June 24 2012

  • PICKET: NY-4 GOP primary candidate fights county 'machine'

    New York’s 4th congressional district GOP primary is on Tuesday. Two Republicans, Francis X. “Fran” Becker, a Nassau County legislator, and attorney and former Hofstra University law professor Frank Scaturro are fighting it out to face Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a Democrat, in the general. Published June 24 2012

  • WISER: Attack of the drones

    The use of unmanned aircraft systems or drones along the U.S. border with Mexico has been well-documented, but a recent law and actions by the Federal Aviation Administration have raised concerns that drones could soon be employed nationwide to monitor civilians. Published June 22 2012

  • PICKET: David Brock super PAC provides cover for its donors and Obama

    However, two years later, the Obama campaign is finding that donations bundled so neatly by high dollar fundraisers are not coming in as easily. so President Obama’s campaign turned to Super PACs that Obama once vilified and the Obama campaign’s super PAC, Priorities USA, according to USA Today, can team up with another super PAC known as American Bridge 21st Century, a super PAC started by Media Matters founder and president David Brock. Published June 22 2012

  • PICKET: Gohmert to Holder: Can't make same 'inadvertent' claim more than once

    Gohmert Challenges Justice Department on Attorney General Holder’s “inadvertent” claim to Senate Judiciary Committee Published June 21 2012

  • PICKET: (VIDEO) Obama's and Holder's contradictory fast and furious time line

    President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege moments before the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday sat down to discuss the contempt charge against Attorney General Eric Holder relating to his non-compliance to the committee's subpoena for thousands of documents regarding the botched gun-walking operation known as "fast and furious." Published June 21 2012