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Water Cooler Archive: November 2012

  • PICKET: EPA IG to investigate agency's involvement in experiments on humans

    The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Assistant Inspector General for Program Evaluation (OIG) Carolyn Copper sent a memorandum to the EPA's Lek Kadeli, Acting Assistant Administrator for Research and Development, in late October and gave notice that the IG will "begin an evaluation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Research on Human Subjects." According to the memo posted on the EPA's website, the assignment is in response to a Congressional request. Published November 16 2012

  • PICKET: Al qaeda didn't just disappear from CIA's original Benghazi memo but also from FBI counter-terror lexicon

    Lawmakers told reporters on Capitol Hill Friday that former CIA Director David Petraeus testified that the White House edited out "Al Qaeda's involvement" from the agency's original talking points. Published November 16 2012

  • PICKET: Wis. GOP lawmakers would support a bill to make Obamacare implementation illegal

    Salon is reporting that Wisconsin Republicans are backing bill that would make any official who attempts to establish the Affordable Care Act an illegal act. Published November 16 2012

  • PICKET: (VIDEO) Obama warns private sector at Hurricane Sandy presser... 'Not everybody is gonna be satisfied...'

    Standing in Staten Island on Thursday amongst Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and others, President Barack Obama praised government officials on Thursday for their "outstanding" response during the aftermath of the disaster that Hurricane Sandy left in New York and New Jersey. Published November 15 2012

  • PICKET: Gallup shows only 37 percent support path to citizenship for illegal immigrants

    Despite calls from a number of GOP leaders and conservative pundits to compromise on illegal immigration reform, Gallup's post election poll is showing that 62 percent want to see illegal immigration into the United States halted and only 37 percent support a proposal that will provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants that are already living in the U.S. Published November 15 2012

  • PICKET: Boehner breaks with Senate GOP colleagues on forming select committee probing Benghazi attack

    Senator John McCain, Arizona Republican, along with Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, and Senator Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire Republican, called for creating a Watergate-style panel to investigate the Benghazi attack that took the lives of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Published November 14 2012

  • GREEN: Petraeus WILL testify

    Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director David H. Petraeus will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Nov. 15. After resigning from the CIA last week over revelations of an extramarital affair, Petraeus deputy Mike Morell had been slated to testify in Gen. Petraeus's place. The timing of Gen. Petraeus's resignation -- after the election and before his scheduled testimony on the Benghazi attacks -- ignited speculation that the Obama administration was seeking to silence the director. Gen. Petraeus was one of the Obama administration officials who said after the attacks that they were spontaneous and over a YouTube video. Published November 14 2012

  • PICKET:Broadwell's Denver remarks delivered same day as Petraeus statement on Libya and one day after Panetta denial

    Despite the CIA’s denial that the agency was holding militant Libyans prisoners at their annex in Benghazi and the deadly attack on the diplomatic mission nearby was a motivated effort to release these individuals, evidence to the contrary shows otherwise. Published November 14 2012

  • PICKET: Agent investigating Petraeus allegedly sent shirtless photos of himself to woman involved in case

    The story surrounding the former CIA Director David Petraeus's resignation continues to become more bizarre. Published November 12 2012

  • PICKET: (VIDEO) Petraeus mistress - CIA- held Libyan prisoners cause of Benghazi attack

    Paula Broadwell, the woman revealed to be now-former CIA Director David Petraeus's mistress, may have revealed that the CIA believes the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi happened as an effort from terrorists to release Libyan militia members being held prisoner in the CIA annex in Benghazi. Published November 11 2012

  • GREEN: Military justice: Petraeus knew 'Adultery is clearly unacceptable conduct'

    Gen. David Petraeus knew what standard of conduct he was expected to uphold after a 37-year career in the Army. Adultery is an offense under military law, explicitly listed in the Manual for Courts-Martial, the vehicle for administrating the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Published November 11 2012

  • PICKET:(VIDEO) Petraeus's resignation won't stop Congress from subpoenaing him to testify

    Congressman Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Republican, spoke with Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren on Friday and declared that it does not matter that General David Petraeus, now former CIA Director, resigned before testifying prior the hearings Congress has called regarding the investigation into the government's failure to protect four American lives during the attacks of the diplomatic mission in Benghazi. Published November 10 2012

  • PICKET: Companies plan massive layoffs as Obamacare becomes reality

    Freedom Works has put together a list of companies that will be laying off employees as a result of President Barack Obama's health care law. Published November 8 2012

  • PICKET: Romney camp's incompetent ground game

    I thought the Romney ground game was bad because the campaign refused to create strong coalitions outside their one issue economy message. I was wrong. It was much worse. Jacksonville, Florida web designer and developer John Ekdahl wrote about the failure of the Romney campaign's get out the vote effort through Project ORCA, a GOTV internet tool of the campaign. Published November 8 2012

  • PICKET: Romney's one issue campaign dies slow death

    The Romney campaign made it clear to its supporters that the economy would be the only issue Governor Romney would run on and any other issues of concern to the Republican base would be buried in the pages of the Mitt Romney for President website or sidelined completely. Published November 8 2012

  • GREEN: Election violence: Riots over Romney never ruled out

    The peaceful transfer of power in United States' elections has always been a point of national pride. This year that benefit wasn't guaranteed. Threats of violence and rioting if President Obama lost his reelection bid have been made across multiple platforms even as votes were being counted and the polls were still open in western states. Published November 6 2012

  • PICKET: OH GOP volunteer says voter threw coffee at his face, will press charges

    Ohio Summit County Republican Party volunteer Wayne Darlington was passing out GOP slate cards at his Coventry precinct at 9AM on Tuesday before the busy Akron polling location. Published November 6 2012

  • PICKET: GOP - Poll watcher in Detroit threatened with gun, 911 call rejected

    Tensions are high all over the country at the polls today. The Michigan Republican Party is alleging that a poll watcher in Detroit on Tuesday morning was threatened with a gun. According to the Michigan GOP the poll watcher's 911 call was rejected. Published November 6 2012

  • PICKET: Cuyahoga GOP - D's only reached 55% of absentee and early voting in heavy blue county compared to '08

    Early voting in Cuyahoga County ended as of 2pm on Monday and turnout numbers have already been sent to county parties throughout the state. Although Cuyahoga County will go the president's way, just by pure party registrations, early and absentee voting numbers coming from the Cuyahoga County Republican Party should cause Democrats state wide and nationally to be concerned in terms of GOP enthusiasm in Democratic strongholds. Published November 5 2012

  • PICKET: Obama halted EPA regs for political split second to plan massive 2013 environmental regs

    Congressman Cliff Stearns, Florida Republican, called it in September of 2011. One year ago, President Barack Obama claimed that during economic recovery, it was necessary to lessen regulatory uncertainty so he asked Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to withdraw the draft Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Published November 5 2012