The Washington Times - September 4, 2012, 08:42PM

After news broke that the Department of Justice was suing the Gallup Organization over accusations that the well known polling company overcharged on government contracts, it was later revealed by the Daily Caller’s Matt Boyle that the DOJ lawsuit against Gallup is based whistle-blower and former Gallup employee who also previously worked for then presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008. According to the Daily Caller: 

A whistle-blower whose allegations have caused Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice to sue polling company The Gallup Organization was an Iowa field organizer in Council Bluffs for President Barack Obama during his 2008 run for president.

The DOJ is alleging — based on allegations by now former Gallup employee Michael Lindley — that the polling company violated the False Claims Act by boosting the number of hours it charges the federal government for its services.


In 2008 Mr. Lindley was an Obama campaign Iowa field organizer based out of Council Bluffs. The president’s Gallup job approval numbers have gone from downward from 68 percent, when he first took office, to 45 percent currently. Both he and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, according to Gallup, are in a dead heat. Given Mr. Lindley’s political background and the president’s downward spiral in Gallup’s polls, some have wondered if the Obama campaign or the White House placed any kind of pressure on Gallup. 

“I was the press secretary for two years. I know it was really smart not to get involved in discussing things around the justice department that I have no knowledge about,” Obama senior campaign adviser Robert Gibbs told me on Tuesday night.  “I have no knowledge of any discussions of anybody on the campaign side with Gallup,” he later said.