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Water Cooler Archive: December 2013

  • Don't 'lie to the America people': The GOP wish list of President Obama’s New Year’s resolutions

    A little something for January? The Republican National Committee has conjured up a wish list of President Obama's goals for 2014 - all conveniently included in free e-cards for GOPers who want to share the sentiments with family and friends. And maybe a few foes, perhaps. Published December 30 2013

  • A return to traditional Bible names predicted for babies born in 2014

    In a world of complex baby names, parents have rediscovered the appeal of Isaiah and Judith. "Who wouldn't like to go back to old traditions at some point?" asks BabyNames.net, a website that helps expectant mothers and fathers navigate the myriad name choices for their offspring. Published December 28 2013

  • Ever popular: 90 percent of all Americans celebrate Christmas

    The nation gets emotional this time of year for myriad reasons. They are fierce about their own traditions. But one thing is for sure, though there are some cultural dynamics at work, the vast majority of Americans celebrate Christmas. As in 90 percent. Published December 23 2013

  • 90 percent of Americans say Congress 'acts like they don't have a boss'

    Inquiring minds want to know: who do the nation's esteemed lawmakers work for? It looks like the freewheeling group works for nobody. The vast majority of Americans — 90 percent — say elected officials in Washington behave "like they don’t have a boss." So says a Fox New poll released Thursday. Only 7 percent overall say the lawmakers behave as if they were "employees of the American public." Published December 20 2013

  • A media-intense holiday moment with Armstrong Williams

    It's was an event at the very nexus of politics, media, broadcast, tenacity and holiday spirit. That would a gathering Thursday evening hosted by conservative columnist, commentator and entrepreneur Armstrong Williams at the Monocle, the historic eatery not two blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Published December 19 2013

  • The most questionable quotes of the year: Yes, MSNBC wins

    We already know the "2013 Lie of the Year" as determined by Politifact, the fact checking watchdog. Now we must address the "2013 Worst Quotes of the Year" from the Media Research Center. Published December 19 2013

  • Gallup: Americans trust their car salesmen more than Congress

    It's official: ethical standards differ between Republicans and Democrats. An unusual Gallup poll asked respondents to rank the honesty and ethics of 22 professions; the findings reveal that party identification even influences one's sense of trust, the pollster says. Published December 17 2013

  • Painter, biker, slightly grunge: George W. Bush becomes the new hipster icon

    George W. hipster? Behold, a headline of note, and proof that time marches on: "How George W. Bush evolved from the uncoolest person on the planet to bona fide hipster icon," comes from Vanity Fair. The magazine suggests that the arbitrators of taste now beam warmly upon the former president. Published December 16 2013

  • Michael Savage's battle of Britain and the 'undesirables' continues

    Michael Savage's four-year-old battle with Britain continues. The popular talk radio host has wrangled with the British government for quite a while - seeking to have his name removed from a list of 16 "undesirables" banned from the country on May 5, 2009. Now, he has received an invitation from Britain's Oxford Union to participate in a debate. Will he go? Published December 13 2013

  • HuffPo: Denying women 'moral abortions' destroys 'soul freedom'

    Is there such a thing as a "moral abortion"? The Huffington Post says yes. Published December 12 2013

  • The Gipper 24/7: Get the official - and free - Ronald Reagan App

    Daily diary entries by President Reagan, White House schedules for each year of his presidency, photos, videos, an audio quote of the day - these are among the offerings of the official "Ronald Reagan app", launched Wednesday by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. Published December 12 2013

  • No kumbaya: Fiscal conservatives snarl at Patty and Paul's budget deal

    Despite all the kumbaya talk about compromise and optimism afoot on Capitol Hill, not everyone is happy with Sen. Patty Murray, Washington Democrat, and Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican - who have carefully maneuvered their federal budget deal through the political landscape. Grassroots fiscal conservatives will have none of it. Period. Published December 11 2013

  • Tea party brews up a 2016 presidential straw poll - and Cruz is in the lead

    It's never too early for a nice juicy straw poll, particularly if it’s of the presidential variety. The Tea Party Patriots have already drawn 250,000 voters to a survey listing potential 2016 hopefuls of interest to liberty-minded folk. The grass-roots group intends to drawn a million votes by March. Published December 10 2013

  • Americans just say yes: members of Congress should be subject to random drug testing

    Should our lawmakers be exempt from random drug tests? Guess not. A hefty majority of Americans — 78 percent — say members of Congress should be subject to such monitoring; 86 percent of Republicans and 77 percent of Democrats agree. Published December 6 2013

  • 70 percent of Americans say U.S. has lost world respect; 80 percent of GOP, 56 percent of Democrats agree

    It's complicated: The public is weary of the U.S. role as the world's policeman, but it also frets about the nation's declining prestige on the global stage and disapproves of both President's foreign policy practices and any attempts at nation building overseas. Yet Americans approve of aggressive participation in the world economy and favor drones in the military arsenal. Published December 4 2013

  • For the gift givers arsenal: politically incorrect guides that praise America

    What? A book that lauds the heroism of Vietnam-era warriors, the Founding Fathers and American history with not a trace of touch-up from liberal academes? Regnery Publishing is now offering 25 "Politically Incorrect Guides" on a variety of pivotal subjects which have born the brunt of much revisionist or progressive interpretation over the years. Published December 3 2013