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Water Cooler Archive: January 2013

  • NRA 'more popular' than Hollywood

    So much for vilifying the National Rifle Association in popular culture. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Thursday finds that the organization is more popular than the entertainment industry. Published January 17 2013

  • Dennis Kucinich cozies up to Fox News

    What's this? It is a political and cultural moment both. Published January 16 2013

  • FOX News shunned at Obama press conferences

    "The favorite news outlet of conservatives ranks just ninth in presser questions in President Obama's first term, getting to ask questions at only half the rate of the 'Big Three' broadcast networks," reports Eric Ostermeier, a University of Minnesota media analyst who literally counted the number of questions at White House press conferences from 2009 through Monday. Published January 16 2013

  • Gallup: Economy and federal dysfunction trump gun control issues

    President Obama will dwell dramatically and perhaps conveniently on gun control during a much ballyhooed appearance with jittery youngsters on Wednesday, prompting talk radio host Laura Ingraham to ponder the president's onetime claims that children should be left out of politics. Published January 15 2013

  • Libertarians endorse 'Manhattan Madam'

    Could a Libertarian one day replace New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg when the time comes? There's news that the Queens County Libertarian Party has "unanimously" endorsed Kristin M. Davis as its candidate for mayor of the Big Apple when voters go to the polls this November. Published January 15 2013

  • Guns, tiaras and Miss America

    It was once an annual ritual about American beauty, good will, common sense and tiaras, perhaps. The politics of gun control, however, became a contestant at the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Published January 13 2013

  • Auctioning off the most eligible military bachelors

    There is something about a heroic man in uniform, particularly when it comes to an audience of admiring women and a worthy cause. Published January 11 2013

  • Al Gore is now 'richer than Romney'

    Someone finally has done all the math on the recent sale of Al Gore's Current TV to the Arabic language channel Al-Jazeera for $500 million. Published January 10 2013

  • Bad timing: Beyonce poses in her flimsies

    On the very day that Americans discover that Beyonce Knowles will sing the "Star Spangled Banner" during President Obama's inauguration on Jan. 20, GQ magazine has another announcement regarding the beauteous chanteuse. Published January 9 2013

  • White House: Piers, you can stay

    "President Obama has officially decided I am NOT being deported," CNN host Piers Morgan tweets. Published January 9 2013

  • Nixon, a birthday cake and C-SPAN

    Henry Kissinger, Pat Buchanan, Ben Stein, and former first daughters Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower are among luminaries gathering Wednesday night in the nation's capital to affectionately celebrate what would have been Richard Nixon's 100th birthday. Published January 9 2013

  • Glenn Beck's inaugural ball for 'misfits'

    Glenn Beck plans to send up President Obama's big inauguration day doings in the nation's capital with some Texas-sized hijinks. Published January 8 2013

  • Planned Parenthood: 333,964 abortions in 2011

    The numbers are in. Published January 7 2013

  • DeMint fires up a tea party strategy

    Critics who dismiss the tea party take note: Some big names will assemble in South Carolina this weekend for "State of the Union: A Constitutional Perspective," a two-day gathering of experts, speakers and authors intent on crafting "pragmatic, common-sense solutions to the greatest threats facing the country since the Constitution was written in 1787." Published January 7 2013

  • Judicial Watch releases its list of Washington's 'most corrupt' politicians

    Tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Judicial Watch has released its annual list of politicians they deem unsavory — the top 11, plus a list of six runners-up for the dubious designation. Published January 4 2013

  • Pelosi has time for "30 Rock"

    Well, she's used to political theater too. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will appear in NBC's big "30 Rock" finale at month's end. The California Democrat will likely play herself, judging from other politicians who've made cameo appearances on the show in recent years. That list includes Al Gore and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Published January 3 2013

  • Al Gore's 'Current TV' sold to Al Jazeera?

    After eight years, Al Gore's big broadcast project faces some serious re-invention. Reports from both The New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter reveal that Current TV, which the former vice president founded with a flourish in 2005, could be taken over by Al Jazeera. Published January 2 2013

  • Reagans' 'Home of the Future' for sale for $5 million

    It's priced at a mere $4,999,000 — cheap, perhaps, for those who are true Gipper-philes. Published January 2 2013

  • Palin: 'Keep the faith'

    Among the many New Year's Day messages comes one from Sarah Palin. Published January 1 2013