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This cover image released by Farrar, Straus and Giroux shows "Garbo" by  Robert Gottlieb. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux via AP)

Review: 'Garbo' a mesmerizing look at film's greatest enigma

- Associated Press

Coming a century after the Swedish actress' film debut, Robert Gottlieb's biography of Greta Garbo is a classic movie lover's dream. Enriching his insightful reconsideration of Garbo's life and career are wonderful photos, a selection of essays from the past, and anecdotes from those who encountered the enigmatic star.

Tiger in the Sea by Eric Lindner (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: 'Tiger in the Sea'

In this fascinating, gripping, and detailed 'minute-by-minute account, the author, Mr. Murray's son-in-law, describes the desperate and brave struggle to land a burning American Flying Tiger Super Constellation passenger aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean.

Ian Fleming

A look back at Ian Fleming, the man who created James Bond

I've been an Ian Fleming aficionado since I was a teenager and read all of Ian Fleming's thrillers after seeing "Dr. No," and "From Russia With Love," the first two films featuring Sean Connery as James Bond.

Down Range  By Taylor Moore (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: 'Down Range'

Garrett Kohl is a DEA special agent serving in Afghanistan when he is ordered by the CIA to return to the U.S. with the survivor and potential witness of a deadly attack on an Afghan village.