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Elections 2020

Hot Races

Follow the key Senate and House races for Election 2020 picked by The Washington Times editors.


Florida Senate


Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson (D)


Rick Scott

Rick Scott (R)


Sen. Bill Nelson's biggest claim to fame is having flown on the Space Shuttle in 1986 — which brings an amount of street cred in Florida, home of the Space Coast. But his 30 years as a Democratic congressman and senator have otherwise been largely unremarkable by Washington standards. Now he's in the toughest election of his life, with Republican Gov. Rick Scott saying the state has outgrown its spaceman senator.


California House


Harley Rouda

Harley Rouda (D)


California 48th Congressional District: Orange County has been a GOP stronghold for decades, and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has been the beneficiary of that, winning his seat in Congress in 1988 and defending it each election with huge margins. Now he's one of Democrats' top targets, with his pro-Trump views irking voters in this rapidly changing district. His challenger is Harley Rouda, a Republican-turned-Democrat.


Wisconsin Governor


Scott Walker

Scott Walker (R)


Tony Evers

Tony Evers (D)


Gov. Scott Walker, elected as part of the 2010 Obama backlash, quickly became the face of the new generation of GOP governors, leading a push to limit the power of public-sector labor unions. When the unions tried to oust him in a recall, he became the first governor in history to survive such a challenge. Now he's seeking his third term amid the 2018 Trump backlash, and Democrats are convinced their nominee, Tony Evers, will end Mr. Walker's tenure.