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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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  1. Walmart dead bodies a nationwide phenomenon
  2. Seth Rogen refuses to take photo with Paul Ryan, brags on 'Late Show with Stephen Colbert'
  3. Ben Cline sorry to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for 'Meryl Streep's cousin' Stephanie Wilkinson's rudeness
  4. Stephanie Wilkinson, Red Hen restaurant owner, cites 'morals' in kicking out Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  5. Maxine Waters calls for social warfare on Trump administration
  6. Bob Goodlatte invites Sarah Huckabee Sanders back to Lexington, Virginia, after Red Hen incident
  7. Walter Shaub, Obama official, accuses Sarah Huckabee Sanders of ethics violation for Red Hen tweet
  8. Gerod Martin, National Guardsman, disciplined for anti-immigrant Facebook post: Report
  9. Protesters descend on Kirstjen Nielsen's home: 'No justice, no sleep'
  10. Mark Meadows: Justice Department turned over only 'small percentage' of subpoenaed Russia documents

Inside Politics Blog

  • Trump’s boardroom table from ‘The Apprentice’ sells for $32,000 at Las Vegas auction

  • More than 500 children reunited with families after Trump ends family separation

  • House passes sweeping opioids bill

  • Judge orders Paul Manafort jailed away from other inmates

  • Trump threatens 20 percent tariff on EU cars
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