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Friday, January 19, 2018

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  1. FISA abuse memo, #ReleaseTheMemo campaign send Congress, Wikileaks and Twitter into a tailspin
  2. Dems fail in impeachment vote hours before shutdown
  3. Jordan B. Peterson leaves reporter speechless after her 'right not to be offended' remark: 'Gotcha'
  4. Supreme Court to hear Trump travel ban case
  5. Buzz Aldrin explodes on Delta agents: 'This is the most lousy operation I've ever seen'
  6. Hillary Clinton could still become president, says Lawrence Lessig, Harvard professor
  7. James Comey, fired FBI director, to co-teach ethical leadership course at William & Mary
  8. Sonia Sotomayor treated by paramedics: report
  9. New York court breaks rules, refuses investigation into James Comey
  10. Jeanette Epps, black NASA astronaut set to make space station history, removed from flight

Inside Politics Blog

  • Marc Short says Trump ‘very engaged’ in talks to avoid a government shutdown

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan: Lawmakers close to DACA deal, need government funded

  • White House blames Senate Democrats for pending government shutdown

  • Trump vows to stay in D.C. until shutdown stopped, ready to cancel Florida weekend

  • Sen. John Kennedy: Trump needs to lay out exact details on immigration reform demands
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