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Thursday, June 20, 2019

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  1. Illegal immigrant 'got aways' at five-year high as border agents pulled from patrol duties
  2. Jim Jordan, Jerrold Nadler clash over Steele dossier
  3. Kate Brown to use Oregon State Police to block GOP walkout
  4. Bladensburg Peace Cross can stay, Supreme Court rules
  5. Hillary Clinton campaign payment to dossier author Christopher Steele broke election laws: lawsuit
  6. Mazie Hirono on Iran shooting down U.S. drone: The whole situation is 'fraught with peril'
  7. Trump warns that Iran made 'big mistake' with drone shoot-down
  8. Rae Sanni calls Coleman Hughes 'coon' for opposing reparations
  9. Donald Trump raises record $24.8 million in one day as he launches reelection bid
  10. Mars also undergoing climate change as ice age retreats, study shows
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