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Thursday, February 25, 2021

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  1. Five Oregon counties to vote on leaving state, escaping to 'Greater Idaho'
  2. Democrats ask Joe Biden to cede authority on nuclear launches
  3. Lindsey Boylan accusations speed Andrew Cuomo's stunning downfall
  4. Megyn Kelly calls out media bias on Cuomo 'strip poker' story: 'I'm sure CNN will be all over this'
  5. Coca-Cola is racist, but so is Pepsi
  6. EDITORIAL: Progressive calls for 'de-platforming' undermine free speech, divide country
  7. Fox News, OANN, Newsmax in crosshairs as Democrats push conservative media purge
  8. Andy Scholes, CNN anchor, apologizes after saying he's 'not entirely surprised' by Tiger Woods crash
  9. Biden a dark money puppet
  10. Donald Trump still the leader of the Republican Party


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  • Massive COVID-19 vaccine-sharing push kicks off in Ghana as part of COVAX program

  • Conviction in landmark case over Syrian government torture

  • CIA to use AI against China

  • Pompeo: Reckless Chinese virus labs threaten the world

  • South Korea denies deal to release Iranian funds frozen by U.S. sanctions

  • Senate confirms Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden’s choice for U.N. ambassador

  • Twitter reveals state-backed influence operations from Armenia, Iran and Russia

  • Congress demands answers on Biden team’s Iran talks during Trump’s term
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  • Army eyes Lockheed Martin to protect tanks with Modular Active Protection System

  • Democrats ask Joe Biden to cede authority on nuclear launches

  • Navy identifies sailor who died of COVID-19

  • Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin pushes troops to get COVID-19 vaccine

  • William Burns backs CIA AI to counter China

  • DHS warns ICE to ‘Prepare for border surges now’

  • Court slaps down Joe Biden’s 100-day deportation pause

  • Michael McCaul, Mark Green question Iran-John Kerry backchannel talks
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