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Monday, January 22, 2018

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  1. Dems reject deal, shutdown to last into Monday
  2. Jordan B. Peterson leaves reporter speechless after her 'right not to be offended' remark: 'Gotcha'
  3. White House hits Sen. Chuck Schumer's 'hazy' memory in shutdown blame game
  4. Deep State unraveling, as GOPer sees jail for DOJers, FBIers
  5. Dreamers reject compromise to reopen government
  6. Donald Trump's immigration principles will make Americans safer
  7. Colin Kaepernick donates $10K to leading Soros-backed resistance group
  8. Rift between U.S., Turkey widens as Ankara presses Syrian offensive
  9. Dreamer shutdown shows power of illegal immigrants
  10. Dana Loesch defends slam of 'flat-chested' Trump fan Kayleigh McEnany, who had double mastectomy


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  • Rift between U.S., Turkey widens as Ankara presses Syrian offensive

  • Islamic State reverts to guerrilla warfare tactics in quest to reclaim, expand territory

  • Turkish artillery hammers Kurdish-held territory in Syria

  • Corrupt, biased U.S. elites launch rebellion with one cause

  • U.S.-Russian foreign and domestic enemies

  • Rex Tillerson scrambles to define U.S. policy on Syria, Kurds amid rising tensions with Turkey

  • Pope Francis shocks Chile by accusing sexual abuse victims of slander

  • Jerusalem embassy move complicates Pence trip to Middle East
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  • ISIS shifts tactics to guerrilla warfare to reclaim caliphate territory

  • Report finds ‘chaos’ in Trump’s first travel ban

  • CIA mole may have triggered murders of assets in China, Russia: Report

  • China says U.S. warship violated sovereignty near Scarborough

  • Trump reauthorizes foreign surveillance law despite raising concerns over abuse

  • Xu Jiaqiang, former IBM employee, sentenced for selling trade secrets

  • ‘Deso Dogg’ bites the dust: Terrorist who seduced FBI translator killed in Syria, watchdog reports

  • Pentagon shifts away from terrorism threats, sets sights on Russia, China in new defense strategy
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