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Dark time, man

“I’m not particularly optimistic about society… .
“We’re in an age where everything has just gone too far. For instance, Clinton and Monica Lewinsky that was a real eye-opener. Not in terms of what he did … . But just in terms of bad taste, it was shocking. There are other ways of doing that kind of thing, rather than some squatty little trollop showing her panties and suddenly she’s in the Oval Office … . That’s an obtuse image. It was an exercise in bad taste of monumental … proportions, and it tells me that it’s an ugly world… .
“It’s a … dark time, man. The idea of respect is gone. That word respect is smoke. It just doesn’t exist.
“I’m truly … frightened of America in terms of raising my daughter here. I don’t believe that is an option at all.”
Johnny Depp, interviewed in the Dec. 30 issue of Rolling Stone

Prayerful produce

“Crooning tomatoes, cucumbers, and other tasty greens: Welcome to VeggieTales,’ a series of 12 computer-animated videos now dominating the Christian kids’ market. The tapes, introduced in 1993, feature Larry (the cuke), Bob (the tomato), and a host of produce singing, dancing, and riffing on Monty Python’ while teaching moral and biblical lessons.
” If you want your kids to be more sarcastic, more aggressive, more disrespectful, there are plenty of shows to teach them that,’ says creator Phil Vischer, 33, a former Bible-college student and father of three. But what if you want your kids to be more forgiving or more kind? That’s what motivated us.’
“The results are earning lots of green… . In 1998, Christian video sales rose 41 percent, riding primarily on Bob and Larry’s nutritious little backs… .
” If you can tell a story that improves people’s lives and cracks them up, you can get people to pay for things that make them better people,’ says Vischer. That’s an amazing business model.’ “
Jeff Jensen and Gillian Flynn, writing on “The Next Temptation,” in the Dec. 10 issue of Entertainment Weekly

Blood libel’

“As Hillary Rodham Clinton’s prospective U.S. Senate campaign faltered late last month, her media acolytes offered a ready explanation. Was it her disastrous Israel trip? FALN flip-flop?
“Nope, bad press.
“The conservative’ New York Post, if you believe the hype, snookered the rest of the New York media into giving Hillary a bum rap. Late last month, left-wing stalwarts such as New York magazine columnist Michael Tomasky and Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter complained that the New York Post had blown her Israel trip out of proportion.
“Hey, all she did was indulge a little blood libel. At a West Bank ceremony, the normally outspoken Mrs. Clinton metamorphosed into a deaf mute as Mrs. Yasser Arafat accused Israel of poisoning Palestinian women and children.
“But Alter explained that the first lady took the only sensible course’ check with Washington’s diplomats before responding. But might she have expressed some displeasure without consulting Washington? Did Mrs. Clinton have to kiss Mrs. Arafat on both cheeks? …
“During the 1992 campaign, Time columnist Margaret Carlson gushed that Hillary Clinton is a remarkable woman. There is no doubt that she is her husband’s professional and intellectual equal.’
“Oh, is she?
“Now, it turns out the Empress has fewer clothes. That would be quite apparent even if the Post were not available to offer a spirited dissent from the generally liberal New York media.”
Evan Gahr, writing on “Yellow Journalism for the Pink Lady?” a Dec. 7 posting in the American Enterprise Online (www.theamericanenterprise.org)

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