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Threat to the regime

“Viewed from the historic angle, homeschooling is the most promising effort at family institutional reconstruction undertaken in America during the last 150 years. The family, born to and naturally residing in the symbolic cottage,’ then uprooted and ravaged by factory and state, has found a path back to its true home… .
“[I]n shaking free from standardization, statism, and consumerism, and in seeking true liberty and autonomy, homeschooling families pose a basic threat to the existing regime. Bringing the children home endangers both the government’s economy and the economy’s government, to use Wendell Berry’s phrases. When you bring your children home, not only do school districts lose money; the gross national product also goes down, as schooling passes back into the realm of home production. This joint threat explains the legal obstacles and denunciations that home education faces in every state, and now from the federal leviathan as well. As the number of home-schooled children climbs beyond the insignificant’ category and it probably now has the dangers will only grow.”
Allan Carlson, from an essay in “The Paleoconservatives,” a new book edited by Joseph Scotchie.

Unprepared for evil

“The success of The Blair Witch Project’ in theaters this past summer should have come as no surprise… . For most young people today, watching The Blair Witch Project’ is like watching their friends, indeed themselves, on the silver screen. The film presents characters just as feckless, lost, vulnerable, and unprepared for life as the young audiences that pack theaters every weekend to gape at its seeming brilliance… .
“The schools, in particular, with their endless remonstrations toward children not to judge people, and their mantra of ethical and cultural relativism, create a fantasy world in which niceness and cooperativeness are the highest values. But children trained to believe that nothing is ever truly wrong can hardly be expected to recognize evil, anticipate it, confront it, and defeat it. Instead, young adults so raised will heed Heather’s ironic statement without realizing the true extent of their moral and intellectual aimlessness: This is America. You can’t get lost.’ What they don’t realize is, they already are.”
S.T. Karnick, writing on “Babes in the Woods,” in the fall issue of American Outlook

No debate

“Those championing [Mumia] Abu-Jamal’s cause believe that the overall truth of their secular faith subordinates any smaller truths that run contrary to their way of thinking. Police oppress minorities, their philosophy posits. It’s not supposed to be the other way around. So the evidence of the case, to such an ideologue, is largely irrelevant. What really matters is the promulgation of the idea that America is a racist, oppressive society, and anything that supports this view even lies should be promoted.
“The followers of Mumia Abu-Jamal aggressively prohibit any questioning or debate that casts doubt upon their worldview… .
“To objective observers, it is clear that Mumia Abu-Jumal snuffed out the existence of a newly wed policeman who had his whole life ahead of him… . It is in some ways to be expected that a man who shot another man in the back and then in the face would tell lies to obfuscate his crime. What excuse can the followers of such a person offer for spreading his falsehoods? …
“People of good faith might disagree on a great number of matters regarding Mumia Abu-Jamal… ..
“One matter that is settled, however, is that Mumia Abu-Jamal is a murderer.”
Dan Flynn, from his pamphlet, “Cop Killer: How Mumia Abu-Jamal Conned Millions Into Believing He Was Framed”

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