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Tin ear

“Is Mrs. Clinton the real power behind the throne, the brains, backbone and guts of the Bill-and-Hillary partnership, as many in her camp have long argued? Or is she a free-rider, a woman who could never make it on her own, but who has used her husband’s political genius to exercise power without accountability?

“So far the auguries do not look good for the Hillary camp. Her belated discovery that she is a Yankees baseball fan served only to emphasize her status as a carpetbagger.

“Her attempts to pander to New York’s militant minorities have repeatedly backfired … .

“She is also treading on dangerous ground when she accuses Rudolph Giuliani, New York’s mayor and her likely competitor for the Senate, of criminalizing the homeless.’

“New Yorkers may not be as hard-hearted as they like to appear. But they do not want to go back to the days when the streets were a panhandler’s paradise… .

“Mrs. Clinton’s tin ear is the result of her deep lack of interest in people, at least as living, feeling individuals.

“It never occurred to her during the health-care battle that, in dealing with politicians, you need to stroke their egos as well as dazzle them with your intellect. And she is even less sympathetic when it comes to dealing with what one citizen of her newly adopted home state once referred to as the little people.’ ”

Excerpted from “The First Lady’s Second Chance,” in the Dec. 18 issue of the Economist

Chicago climate

“Southern Baptists are planning a massive (100,000 people) missionary trip to Chicago for summer 2000 in which they’ll undertake various public service projects and share the Gospel. This provoked a letter sent to the Baptists (but sent first to the media) from the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago … urging the Baptists to stay away.

“The reason: In light of the Baptists’ open desire to convert Jews, Muslims and Hindus, their visit could contribute to a climate conducive to hate crimes.’ While conceding their peaceful intentions,’ the letter cited two Chicago incidents from 1999 a synagogue shooting and the vandalizing of a mosque as just the sort of thing the Baptists’ presence could somehow inspire… .

“For the record, the Southern Baptists are coming anyway, but I have a hunch we’ll see more of tactics like the council’s perhaps on college campuses, where self-proclaimed representatives of various groups are quick to suggest that any criticism voiced against them is a step on the slippery slope to violence, and maybe genocide.”

Matt Kaufman, writing on “The Blame Game,” a posting in the on-line magazine Boundless at www.boundless.org

Moral degeneracy

“Jesse Ventura deserves credit for opening up for discussion the subject of atheism and its effects on public life, although probably not in the way he intended. In fact, Jesse Ventura’s recent autobiography and Playboy interview have not only opened the issue to debate, they provide the best possible context for understanding the roots of atheism in moral degeneracy… .

“Jesse Ventura is a whoremonger. The governor of Minnesota even brags about cheating whores out of the money he has promised them. The fact that he brags about things like this means he has become habituated to vice… .

“As John Adams said, We have no constitution which functions in the absence of a moral people.’

“Vice of the sort that Jesse Ventura practices will shred that constitution …. Vice, in other words, leads to tyranny, as those in power are forced to deal with the social consequences of libertinism. The suppression of morals, the root of political atheism, always leads to the suppression of freedom.”

E. Michael Jones, writing on “Jesse Wrestles With God,” in the December issue of Culture Wars

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