- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Let's see. With hucksters and carpetbaggers bilking Y2K for all it's worth and consumers raping supermarket shelves, both the very real and the very ill-conceived concerns surrounding the advent of the new millennium are legion. This despite repeated assurances from federal, state and local authorities that common sense should prevail.
Go ahead, officials say, buy several gallons of water, a supply of batteries, candles for lighting and soup for the pantry. While you're at it, get a few extra dollars (but no more than usual for a long weekend), and a bag or two of coals for the grill. Whatever you do, though, do not panic.
Pretty smart advice, eh, considering the alternative. And do, please, delight in our liberties with the popular Christmas verse " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas."
'Twas the advent of the millennium and all throughout God's house
Every creature was stirring, even the computer's mouse
While assurances were reported by all media that care
There still were fears paranoia would fill the air
With moms at the market and dads buying hardware.
The children were ordered, "Stock up, beware."
Then down in the cellar they all went to wait
For the turn of the century to deliver their fate
No power, no water, no heat and no phone
No car wash, no money, no laptop but wait
From atop the universe to houses all around
There arose such an awakening that hysteria was calmed down.
'Tis the will of the almighty, said the voice from beyond
Can't you see that the millennium is just another dawn?
There's no need to jitter, no need to fear
A new and different future is ever so near
So they all settled down and they used common sense
Realizing that overreacting was one big pretense.

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