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Feminist paradigm

"Monica Lewinsky … was in many ways the culture's paradigm of the ideal young woman. She had no problem lying; she had no problem engaging in perverse sexual activity, as long as it fostered her career, although there was that edge of disgust … and residual contempt for the man, old enough to be her father, who would encourage this type of exploitative behavior. Lewinsky was also the paradigmatic feminist because she was willing to trade first sex and then complicity in a scheme to suppress the truth as a stepping stone to some job for which she was unqualified. She didn't get the job Vernon Jordan tried to arrange for her at American Express because she couldn't pass a rudimentary English test. The feminists, perhaps horrified at the face staring back at them in the mirror, headed for the tall grass, where most of them had been hiding ever since the Paula Jones case started moving through the courts… .
"The facade of sexual solidarity, it turns out, was just that. The pretext that feminists spoke for women really meant that certain women were willing to function as the ladies' auxiliary for the ruling class and its interests and quite willing in the end to offer up less important women on the altar of that sacrifice… . As in the case of abortion … the lusts of the powerful were more important than the lives of the weak. Monica Lewinsky was just a 24-year-old late-term fetus thrown onto the garbage heap of sexual convenience, as the feminists looked the other way again because her case did not fit into their agenda."
E. Michael Jones, from his book, "Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control"

PC sanctuary

"In America, even lots of atheists own Bibles. In fact, 92 percent of American households own at least one copy… . Still, General Mills late last month deemed it necessary to apologize to all Americans for attaching a free software copy of the New International Version of the Bible to more than 12 million boxes of its trademark breakfast cereals… .
"General Mills' shying away from Scripture comes as other major U.S. corporations are rushing into the sanctuary of political correctness. On May 8, Proctor & Gamble announced it would become the first major sponsor of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's upcoming fall television show. But a week later, the firm caved in to gay-activist pressure and, due to Dr. Laura's vocal opposition to homosexual behavior, yanked its sponsorship. In June, DaimlerChrysler Corp., Ford Motor Co., and General Motors Corp., agreed to extend company benefits to the 'domestic partners' of their homosexual employees. The 'Big Three' automakers joined companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Disney that already offer such benefits."
Lynn Vincent, writing on "Nixing Scripture," in the Aug. 12 issue of World

Playboy values

"I got a kick out of the Democratic National Committee's hissy-fit over co-chairwoman Loretta Sanchez's scheduled fund-raiser at the Playboy mansion.

"Sanchez ultimately gave in to pressure from the party's brass, which threatened to remove her as a speaker at the convention this week.

" 'We think an event at the Playboy mansion is not the right image and does not represent the values of our party,' explained Joe Andrews, the chairman of the Democratic Party.

"Oh, really? It doesn't represent the values of the Democrats? Why not?

"Isn't it true that the Democratic party has accepted at least $100,000 in political contributions from Hugh and Christie Hefner in recent years? What did the Democrats think the Hefners were buying if not the party of Playboy values?

Joseph Farah, writing on "The Democrats and porn," yesterday on World Net Daily at www.worldnetdaily.com.

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