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Tuesday, August 15, 2000

I begin by thanking Al Gore and the Democrats for embracing what George W. Bush and the Republicans have rejected full representation in the Congress and full democracy for residents of the District of Columbia.
Today we celebrate great progress made against the will of a resistant Congress.
We have made progress because a courageous administration took charge and a brilliant, experienced Vice President knew how to fight back.
It was a Republican congress but it has been a Democratic era.
I have watched Al Gore, the indispensable partner of progress, transform the office of the Vice President. We stopped a mighty assault on reproductive choice, the environment, affirmative action, and the nation's labor laws.
We stopped the raid on Social Security to fund tax cuts for the wealthy.
If Al Gore could help make so much progress as vice president, imagine what he will do as President.
Eight years ago, Al Gore began working with the President to pull the country out of a Republican recession and a Republican deficit.
Today, our country soars with a Democratic economy and Democratic surpluses.
To allow George W. Bush to join the congress now in place would stop this progress.
Today we focus on soaring even higher.
Today, we vow to win the presidency for Al Gore and take back Congress for the Democrats.
Today, we pledge to move large issues like gun safety legislation, languishing since the Column-bine massacre… and our Medicare prescription drug benefit, not the Republican counterfeit.
Today, with Al Gore, we vow to remove a defect on the heart of our democracy.
The people of the District of Columbia have full voting rights at this Convention but are denied full voting rights in our Congress.
Al Gore and the Democrats will bring full congressional representation to 500,000 taxpaying residents of the District of Columbia, autonomy without undemocratic intervention by the Congress, and statehood.
Progress for eight years has not been serendipitous.
The hard work of the American people and the intelligence and experience of Al Gore were basic ingredients.
We look back only to vow never to return to the high unemployment and crime that greeted Al Gore as vice president.
Tonight we look to the future with a man who has already shown he can bring and sustain progress.
Tonight we give our support to the only candidate we can trust to build on eight years of progress our nation's next president, Al Gore.

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