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Funny love

"[R]omantic comedies just haven't been funny enough in recent years: The few laughs in pictures like 'Sleepless in Seattle,' 'My Best Friend's Wedding' and 'As Good As It Gets' are of the mild, heartwarming sort, provided by precocious kids, sweet, witty gay men or cute little dogs.

"It's worth remembering that the screwball classics of the Depression era took a considerably more aggressive, more robust approach to humor, and also that some of the best of them were created by filmmakers with distinctly unromantic styles: speedy, unsentimental action directors like Howard Hawks … and William A. Wellman … .

The surprising, not-so-awful truth is that it doesn't take a true romantic to make a good romantic comedy. Love doesn't have to be idealized to be funny. It's inherently funny, because people in love are prone to make fools of themselves, and they're awkward and vulnerable in all sorts of entertaining ways."

Terrence Rafferty, writing on "Pratfalling in Love," in the August issue of GQ

Roots of decline

"If the peoples of Europe do not begin to take steps to increase birthrates, they will be facing their own demise in the next century.

"It's about time the international community began to take this problem seriously and address its root causes: Europe is dying because of population-control efforts… .

"Birthrates in Russia have been cut in half since 1988 from just over 2.5 children per family on average to 1.3. Russia's population is plummeting at a rate of half a million per year… .

"Italy is in even worse demographic straits. Without mass immigration, Italy's population will decrease from 57 million to 41 million by the middle of the next century… .

"Despite the prospect of Europe's extinction, organizations that provide aid for family planning and population programs continue to pump money into services and devices that perpetuate low fertility… .

"The nations of Europe refuse to recognize that their family-planning programs have caused dangerous declines in their native populations. Leaders of these nations must make drastic changes in policy to ensure the survival of their people policies that strongly encourage large families."

Mark DeYoung, director of World Life League, in an Aug. 3 press release

Immoral power

"The general anarchy which sexual liberation brings about is a function of power. In the absence of morals, the rich will get away with murder because their desires are more powerful, and power in this context becomes the only measure of right and wrong.

"Either might makes right, or we are all bound by the terms of a moral order which is not of our making. There is no third alternative… .

"This is how sexual liberation functions as a form of political control, a principle which was demonstrated in graphic detail during the second Clinton administration… .

"A world in which the ruler is rewarded for lying is a world in which his subjects can be punished for telling the truth. This is a lesson which Linda Tripp had to learn the hard way… .

"If right and wrong lose their names, force is all that is left, and in a world run by force, the rich will be rewarded for their vices every bit as conscientiously as the poor will be punished for their virtues.

"The lesson of the Clinton presidency and the O.J. Simpson trial and Roe v. Wade and the sexual revolution, which brought this regime to power in the '60s, is very simple: the rich and the powerful can get away with murder."

E. Michael Jones, from his book "Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control"

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