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Wednesday, August 2, 2000

One of Philadelphia's proudest sons, Benjamin Franklin, wrote,
"In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes." Of course Ben never thought his words would become the slogan of the modern Democratic Party!
Republicans have always held close to their hearts the principle of individual liberty. We cherish the right to determine our own destiny rather than have government determine it for us.
No other issue is more important to upholding that principle than education. And no other Party exceeds the commitment of this Party to quality in education.
Education is THE Republican issue for the 21st Century!
Education also is the defining issue of this campaign. Governor Bush cares about the performance of our schools and the capabilities of our teachers. But above all else, he cares about the success of our children. Success in the classroom is the surest path to success in life!
Preserving our individual liberty also requires discipline from our elected leaders. The temptation in government is to spend every available tax dollar and reach for more. A century of such taxing and spending has left the American people clamoring to preserve their individual liberty … to keep more of the money they earn.
Americans worked from January 1st until May 3rd this year just to pay the cost of taxes. These Americans are not rich people. They are working men and women … watching anything extra they can save disappear for somebody else's priority in Washington, D.C.
In Virginia, I was elected on a promise to cut the tax on cars. I kept that promise, and the people appreciate it. Tax cuts matter to every American, especially the working poor.
Of the 30 Republican Governors now in office, every single one has cut taxes. And just two weeks ago, the Republican Congress passed a Bill to eliminate the unfair marriage penalty. But the current administration promises a veto.
We hear too often that government cannot afford to provide tax relief to the American people. But when has government had to scramble to make a mortgage payment? When has government had to pay for a nursing home from a Social Security check? When has government had to pay for school clothes?
People struggle every day to make ends meet. People dream every night for a chance at a better quality of life. Americans need a leader who will apply conservative principles to their everyday concerns. George W. Bush is that leader.

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