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PETA's Jesus slogan untrue, obnoxious

The Washington Times quoted an article by Robert Darden suggesting that the use of Jesus' name to advertise vegetarianism creates "a problem" for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ("Jesus as vegan?" Culture, et cetera, Aug. 11). Mr. Darden's criticisms, though well-meaning, are lukewarm, and do not convey an adequate level of outrage at the irresponsible, coercive tactics used by PETA.

Indeed, PETA's slogan that "Jesus was a vegetarian" is not merely "a problem." It amounts to a gratuitous molestation of the followers of Jesus, based on a claim that is wildly and demonstrably untrue.

Mr. Darden alludes to the herd of swine that Jesus sent over a cliff, an incident with only marginal relevance to the Savior's view of meat eating. Yet, there is far more conclusive evidence to contradict PETA's claim.

For example, when Jesus found His disciples fishing and learned that they had caught nothing, he did not lecture them about the evils of their carnivorous ways. Rather, he offered the famous advice to "Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find" (John 21:6). The disciples obeyed and caught so many fish that the net nearly broke from the weight.

Jesus then personally cooked the fish and served them to His disciples (John 21:9-13). Thus, Jesus did not share PETA's aversion to using animals for food. To the contrary, He helped His followers to kill and eat them.

We need not speculate, moreover, about whether Jesus Himself ate meat. The issue is conclusively settled by the following verse: "[Jesus] said unto them, Have ye here any meat? And they gave him a piece of broiled fish … And he took it, and did eat before them" (Luke 24:41-43).

Lest it be thought that PETA would somehow exclude fish from the definition of animals, it is worth noting that a spokesman from PETA, in a debate with me on the nationally syndicated radio show "Janet Parshall's America" (May 19), repeatedly cited fish as animals that "feel pain" and, therefore, must not be killed for human consumption. As we have read, however, Jesus did not share this sentiment.

PETA's false portrayal of Jesus as "a vegetarian" is based on either a stupid mistake or brazen mendacity.

In either case, the slogan is unconscionable. The suggestion that one must become an herbivore to follow Jesus typifies the bullying tactics routinely used by PETA. A vegetarian diet may be innocuous in itself, but using false advertising to abuse and propagandize people on the basis of their religious beliefs is an obnoxious stratagem.

With this ad, PETA has once again shown itself to be a monomaniacal group willing to use almost any means, including taking the Lord's name in vain, to pursue its misguided ends.



'13 brave Republican House managers'

I am in complete agreement with Diana West's "Missing Men" (Op-Ed, Aug. 4).

It was wrong for the Republican Party not to recognize and applaud the efforts of the 13 brave Republican House managers. They performed their constitutional duty with honor and commitment to justice and the rule of law.

We must never forget them: James E. Rogan, Asa Hutchinson, Ed Bryant, Henry J. Hyde, Bob Barr, Bill McCollum, Lindsey Graham, Steve Buyer, Charles T. Canady, George W. Gekas, James F. Sensenbrenner Jr., Steve Chabot and Christopher B. Cannon.

Their prosecution of the case against President Clinton was clear, convincing and well represented. I was proud of these decent and honorable House members, who exhibited political courage despite the odds against them. They are true American heroes. God bless them all.


Odenton, Md.

D.C. neighborhood needs more police

I live in the District's Ward 6. We need more police officers patrolling the neighborhoods. The police seldom patrol my area, which is in Police Service Area (PSA) No. 610. The police substation for my area is at 2701 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.

It is rare to see police in this neighborhood, particularly on weekends. It appears that one police car with one officer inside has been patrolling on the day and evening shift.

PSA 610 is a large area. There are elderly people here who are prisoners in their own homes. They are afraid to go anywhere. Southern Avenue marks the border between Prince George's County and the District.

Major problems have occurred from Seat Pleasant to Pennsylvania Avenue SE. The bad apples are running across the line from Maryland to the District and vice versa. The border used to be jointly patrolled but that has stopped.

I am the community leader for my area. I have worked closely with the Metropolitan Police Department to solve the problems we face. I am being told that the police department is short of manpower.

This community and I are asking D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams to pay close attention to the police department's leadership. All D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey has said since he has been in authority is that he is going to remove police officers from headquarters and put them into the community. That change has not been felt in my neighborhood. There are many places all around this neighborhood where drugs are being sold.

We are asking for something to be done immediately regarding this situation. There has been a rash of killings in the city since July 28, with four on Aug. 1 alone. Based upon those figures, public safety should be the top priority for the mayor.

I look forward to hearing from Mr. Williams soon.



Democrats show true intolerance by booing Scouts

I would like to draw your attention to the Aug. 18 article "Democratic delegates boo the Boy Scouts of America." I find it deplorable and despicable that a political party that claims to be for the children would actually sit there and boo them. This is just what happened at the Democratic National Convention when the Scouts came in as part of the opening ceremonies.

I guess for the Democrats it is a case of being for the children as long as they think how they tell them to think.

Then again, it may not have been the "Boy Scouts" they were booing, but the "of America" part. Considering all the work the Clinton-Gore regime has done to undermine the Constitution, our liberty and our sovereignty, it would seem logical that they would boo an America that does not follow their edict.

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America stand for everything that is good and right in this country and deserve our support. It's time we recognize what the Democrats are doing to our country and say "no more."




I was disgusted to read about the appalling behavior of the California delegates directed toward the Boy Scouts who participated in the Democratic National Convention. The Democrats continually preach tolerance of those who differ from me, either in appearance or political viewpoint. But in booing the Boy Scouts, they have shown their true colors concerning tolerance and acceptance, and also showed the country how disingenuous they really are concerning those sentiments.

Booing children … how pathetic and immature.

As a former Boy Scout, I say, "God Bless the Scouts and the service they provide."


South Riding, Va.


There are no words to describe the intense rage I am feeling after hearing that Democratic delegates booed the Boy Scouts. If I were a Democrat, I would hang my head in humiliation.

Of course, they were booing a private organization's policy toward homosexuals, but I don't care what the scouting policy is. The children don't set the policy, and the Democrats shouldn't take their frustrations out on them.

Please consider the true spirit of whose side you take when you vote this fall.


Stafford, Va.

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