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Corporate kids

"Opposition to corporate power is going mainstream. When was the last time you saw labor, environmental, consumer, student, church and human-rights groups all under the same banner? …
"It's not just that there was a big demonstration in Seattle. There's a coalition that's forming… . It goes into every sector of society, and it outrages every sector of society. Even conservatives are outraged.
"I asked Bill Bennett, 'Do you know that corporations are on a collision course with conservative principles?' He said, 'I agree.' No. 1, corporate welfare grates on them. And No. 2, they hate the violent, pornographic exploitation of children. Nobody ever envisioned that corporations would be selling to 2- and 3- and 4-year-olds by separating them from their parents, by teaching them to nag their parents into buying the most awful things to eat and drink.
"They psychoanalyze these kids, figure out at what stage they're lonely, when the peer group dominates, et cetera, getting the child-development psychologists to consult on how best to enter their minds and bodies."
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, interviewed by Charles M. Young in the Sept. 14 issue of Rolling Stone

Racist rock

" 'It's amazing to realize there's a trend for rock musicians to champion causes like Free Tibet, Save the Planet, "animal rights" and racial equality. Yet in fact, these same artists support racist and genocidal attacks against minorities, both domestically and abroad,' said Bryan Kemper of Rock For Life. 'This is hypocrisy. Where's the outrage?'
"The Van's Warped Tour, along with Santana, No Doubt and the Dave Matthews Band, are working in collaboration with Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood. The combined effort extends Planned Parenthood's 'educational' program VOX to millions of kids at rock concerts. VOX urges teen voters to support candidates who back federal spending for foreign and domestic population control… .
"Planned Parenthood's population elimination programs have a long history of racism and genocide… .
"Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was one of the leading eugenicists of her time, Kemper said… . Sanger advocated sterilization for 'race betterment' to reduce 'unfit and undesirable' populations… .
" 'It's a shame that bands provide a platform for Planned Parenthood, an organization not only responsible for the deaths of millions of babies, but founded on the ideology of racism and on genocidal activism,' said Kemper."
from a Tuesday Rock for Life press release

Elitist 'freedom'

"This is a pretty good measure of how far we have come in America in our understanding of freedom from that of the founders: Bill Clinton awarded the 'Medal of Freedom' to [economist] John Kenneth Galbraith on Aug. 9, 2000, despite the fact that Galbraith has been a stalwart champion of the very opposite idea of freedom from that laid out by those founders.
"Galbraith … has been a socialist for nearly all of his career. He has been a relentless critic of capitalism and the market system, based on his essentially elitist and paternalistic idea of what governments must do for the people they serve… .
"Galbraith … has been one of the most fervent bashers of the 'rich' in contemporary American culture. While not an explicit Marxist, he accepted the Marxian idea that capitalists create nothing and take a great deal that they should not be allowed to take… .
"To Galbraith's minor credit, however, he did, a few years ago, finally admit that capitalism is a far better economic system than socialism. He did this only in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Empire. And even then with great reservations and regret."
Tibor R. Macahn, writing on "Medal of Freedom?" posted Aug. 16 on the Ludwig von Mises Institute Web site at www.mises.org

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