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Christian 'Patriot'

"The problem with historical movies these days is that only the sets and costumes look historic. But the heroes act like 20th-century Americans skeptics who sneer at authority, fight forces of oppression like the church, and hop into bed without regard for little details like marriage.

"If anyone even mentions notions like the truth of the Christian faith, the importance of doctrine or the sanctity of wedlock, it's usually characters portrayed as stuffy prudes, mindless conformists or sanctimonious hypocrites. You'd never know anyone else ever cared about that sort of thing.

"That's not how things are in 'The Patriot.'

"The film abounds in Christian allusions and imagery. Mel Gibson and other characters repeatedly pray or speak of their faith, and Gibson's troops keep a cross at the center of their camp, prominently displayed in several scenes… . Throughout, the movie's attitude toward Christianity is at a minimum respectful, at times reverential.

"That's not just an attitude I like; it's a realistic depiction of how people felt at the time."

Matt Kaufman, writing on "Honoring 'The Patriot,' " in the Internet magazine Boundless at www.boundless.org

'Bible Study Moms'

"During his successful 1980 campaign, President Reagan asked: 'Are you better off today than you were four years ago?' During Election 2000, we must ask a variation of Reagan's 1980 question. As voters, we must ask ourselves this time: 'As a nation, is our moral climate better than it was eight years ago?'

"The concern with the decline in moral values in our nation indicates that not everyone thinks we are. That is an issue this year's presidential candidates must address… .

"As the Republican National Convention focuses on the theme, 'Renewing America's Purpose Together,' I think the operative word is 'together.' For too long, a significant voting bloc has been ignored in the political process what we've called 'Bible Study Moms.' …

"Comprising nearly one-quarter (22 percent) of women voters, and 12 percent of all voters, Bible Study Moms are a significant swing vote for the candidate who speaks to their concerns."

Janice Crowse, senior fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, in a Monday press release

Not crazy, evil

"Democrats believe in the bankrupt Social Security system on the simple and forthright grounds that privatizing the nation's pension fund would give people money.

"If people have money, what happens to poverty programs? Democrats believe in poverty programs. The more programs, the more poverty. And poor people vote for Democrats… .

"Democrats believe minorities are stupid and helpless … . Democrats believe affirmative-action programs are necessary … . Otherwise, say Democrats, we'll never have true equality in an America where everyone has the same opportunity to be a Democrat… .

"Every doctrine and tenet of the Democrats entails an increase in political power and a decrease in the power of conscience, religion, tradition, civil society, the free market, mothers, and (if there are any left around in many Democrat strongholds, e.g. Beverly Hills, there aren't) fathers.

"Why? Why would anyone want a society organized around appearing on 'Hardball' in preference to a society organized around raising kids, working hard, making money, going to the VFW Hall on Saturday night, going to Mass on Sunday morning, and obeying the Scout Oath? It's important to remember that Democrats aren't just crazy, they're evil."

P.J. O'Rourke, writing on "Democrats Are the Bad Guys," in the Aug. 7 issue of the Weekly Standard

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