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Rosie all the time

"Rosie O'Donnell is joining Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart in the core of women's pop culture. She's getting her own magazine… . The venerable McCall's will be cannibalized and relaunched next spring, adding to the usual women's magazine fare a focus on social issues and topics such as gun control. Ms. O'Donnell will become 'editorial director' …

"She said it would be 'less spiritual than Oprah's magazine, more pragmatic than Martha Stewart's, and with my annoying, Democratic political agenda somewhere in the middle.' … The star says she won't tone down her divisive style. 'I don't think I'm ever going to hide my opinion. That's a risk you take.'

"Ms. O'Donnell still is avidly anti-gun, even though she was accused of hypocrisy on the issue earlier this year. The bodyguard she hired to accompany her 5-year-old son to kindergarten applied for a gun permit, with the celebrity's blessing."

Chris Stamper, writing on "Rosie Monthly," in the Dec. 2 issue of World

Sadly skewed'

"As the world continues to struggle with the specter of AIDS, it is vital that health professionals not resort to false cures and immoral premises.

"Chastity is the only prevention measure. It also encourages true respect for others and concern for the soul and the body. Those who promote condom use as a response to AIDS are responsible for disseminating a very dangerous message that condoms are completely effective against AIDS. On the contrary, condom use endangers the health of those they would save, while a passive acceptance of sexual immorality contributes to the breakdown of life and family values… .

"Any effort to cure a sexually-transmitted disease while encouraging sexual promiscuity has its priorities sadly skewed. The simple truth is that the condom solution is no solution at all it does not change sexual behavior. Furthermore, the use of contraception subverts the understanding of God's gift of sexuality and the respect for new life. The only responsible action to the AIDS crisis is through a cultural respect for chastity."

Father Matthew Habiger, president of Human Life International, in a Tuesday press release

'Reluctant celebrity'

"The cigar jokes may be growing old, but Monica Lewinsky's becoming new.

"After keeping a super-low profile for almost a year, the ever-slendering former White House intern is suddenly the new 'It Girl' in town.

"Last year, Monica nearly disappeared off the social radar screen. Any reports that surfaced were about her fluctuating weight, her quest to find a normal relationship and the aftershocks of her presidential sex scandal.

"Suddenly she's emerged as one of the most sought-after party guests in New York.

" 'We want her at all our fashion, film and magazine promotional parties,' says Lizzie Grubman, princess of New York publicity. 'She just lights up a room.' …

"Monica's newfound celebrity comes as no shock to her closest friends, who insist it was only a matter of time before New York warmed up to her.

" 'She's been here about a year and that's about how long it takes people to come around,' says her publicist, Julie Nadler… .

"Yet friends say Lewinsky, who recently split up amicably from her squeeze Mick Reed, a New York-based video director, wants nothing more than to get married and have children.

" 'If she met a guy and disappeared into obscurity in Westchester, she wouldn't lose one night's sleep over that,' Nadler says. 'You have to remember, she's a reluctant celebrity. She never wanted this.' "

Michelle Gotthelf, writing on "It Girl Is That Woman," Friday in the New York Post

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